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  • Water Water everywhere..

    Well this is Scotland you know

    But not what I was on about.
    I grew up in Canada out in the woods and we had a creek & well water which both had the most lovely, sweet water (even if the frogs did swim & pee in it )
    Fast forward to years of Florida water (Jus'NASTY!) Oregon Water & Scottish water.. all water board specials of course & Im starting to think Im never going to get a taste of "real Proper Fresh water again.
    I do run my water though a filter pitcher & keep on the counter to help rid of chlorine & this helps but it just taste... "wrong" bland, tasteless....
    Im not much of a tea/flavored water drinker.. Id usally just rather drink water.. but nice water & not bottled water cause it always taste naff to me.
    Mayby im just spoilt but Im wondering if there are ways to improve the drinking water. Ie add minerals back in to make it more like what you would get from the ground (assuming said ground dident include toxic runoff & nasty super bugs)
    Im going to try adding some Himalayan rock salt for now & see how that goes.. thinking in small amounts it shouldent really taste "salty"...
    Ive read somewhere (cant find it now) that you can use mineral/stones like amethyst , quartz etc in the water to leach minerals back in but not sure how well that would work (makes sense that it would but how much is the question & what would work best.. how long would it take etc? 10 years is a tad long to wait for a glass of water)
    Any other suggestions?
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