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So I'm going to do this "not washing hair" thing. What's in store?!

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  • White vinegar would work. I think ACV is popular b/c it's more natural, *IF* you choose the kind that is "raw with the mother," not the Heinz "apple cider flavored vinegar" that is really made from corn just like the white stuff, lol.
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    • Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
      I take a couple of egg yolks and whip them up in the blender with some coconut cream. That's my shampoo/conditioner in one. It gets out excess grease without stripping the hair dry. I find baking soda is too harsh on my scalp and Dr. Bonner's is drying too.
      Do you keep the eggs/coconut cream on your head for a while to soak in, or do you use it exactly the same way as using shampoo (rub it in, immediately rinse)?


      • I have been intrigued by this for some time, mostly because I occasionally "wash" my face with olive oil and it gets just as clean as using soap, but without tightness and without the need to follow up with expensive moisturizer.

        My hair is SO fine, but it's quite long, and I have never had success other than washing every other day vs. every day.

        Most recently I tried a sample of Hair One sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner/leave in (which contains olive and fruit oil) and it was incredible. Once I am out of all of my other stuff I am buying a HUGE bottle and just using that.

        In the meantime, I think transitioning to a whole-foods diet will help. I drink coffee daily, and I notice that it causes me to sweat more. I won't give up coffee... I did try the cornstarch/baking soda underarm mixture once and while it was "okay" it was hard to apply and so didn't last in my routine. Coconut oil, though -- it doesn't stain clothes? Even white tee shirts?

        Will spend some time mastering eating whole foods and then take another look at no poo. For now, Hair One.


        • I now only use coconut oil for moisturizer, haven't had any problems with staining. It is clear when melted.

          Speaking of improving skin with whole foods, I have noticed a funny, but really cool thing the last couple of sun spots on my face are lightening (I do use a high quality sunscreen, however, I have used it for years). Also, I have two freckles in my belly button that had gotten progressively the point I went to the dermotologist last April hoping they were suspicious so they would be removed. Anyway, I started noticing in December they have lightened and gotten smaller in diameter. It will be interesting to see if they disappear altogether.
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          • Originally posted by BestBetter View Post
            Do you keep the eggs/coconut cream on your head for a while to soak in, or do you use it exactly the same way as using shampoo (rub it in, immediately rinse)?
            Yeah, just like shampoo. Whipping it up in the blender gets it sort of lathery.


            • in my case, the baking soda paste removes heavy metals/deposits/etc from swimming, hard water, etc. Then following up with a conditioning method (honey-coconut rinse, etc), can do quite nicely as well.


              • Originally posted by zoebird View Post
                in my case, the baking soda paste removes heavy metals/deposits/etc from swimming, hard water, etc. Then following up with a conditioning method (honey-coconut rinse, etc), can do quite nicely as well.
                How do you make up the coconut/honey rinse?


                • Ayla, there are two ways to do it:

                  1. active rinse -- mix 1/4 cup honey, 2 tbsp coconut oil, and 3/4 cup warm water. Then, pour over your hair multiple times, then pour over clean water until hair feels right. I can't describe what right feels like. but basically, not oily or sticky.

                  2. lightening process/rinse -- mix the same amounts of everything, but let it sit for 45 minutes. Then, you pour this over your hair into a bowl, and you keep on pouring it until basically your hair takes up all of it. you might even use a brush (like, a basting brush), to do your roots in sections as part of the process as well). Then, you wrap your head in a wet towel (it needs to stay wet), and let it sit for 45 minutes to an hour. Then you rinse it out, and you have now lightened and rinsed your hair (as well as conditioned and strengthened).

                  honey makes peroxide when it sits in water for a bit (about 45 minutes), so it will lighten hair and totally mess up processed hair -- so don't do it if you dye your hair. If you are blond like me, it's awesomesauce.


                  • I don't have dyed hair (well it hasn't been dyed in years), but its very dark, I wouldn't be upset if it lightened slightly, but since its so dark could this be disastrous?

                    Will try number 1 first anyway. Thank you


                    • I'm still just washing my hair with egg yolk - and it works amazingly Two egg yolks popped in wet hair, leave it for about half an hour and bobs your uncle.

                      It needs to be washed out really well though, or else it can smell. I use perfume on the back of my hairline anyway
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                      • Ayla,

                        It will lighten it, but not like "white" like heavy chemical peroxides. A lot of people will use hennas, and then do a monthly honey-lightening treatment, and it just takes it down from dark red to a more "coppery color" -- dark copper, though.

                        So, it would probably take yours to a nice brown.


                        • I might point out that eggs are more expensive options. It's $.82 to wash my hair with two eggs, whereas the coconut oil and honey is probably less than $.03 per wash. I can't quite remember the numbers. . . but yeah.


                          • ZB would you do that rinse once a week?


                            • I also have henna waiting for me to use it, but am too scared ill mess it up.


                              • I have very long fine, straight, oily hair. I have used conditioner only on it for almost 10 years. It needs to be washed every 3 days, but I usually let it go for a week, by which time there is about 6" of greasy, stringy, stuck-together locks.

                                When I wash it, I massage the scalp well to release oily skin build-up. I get a lot of that. I've always been a skin shedder.

                                Water only wouldn't work for me. I need to be able to style my hair, and if it's even just a little bit greasy, I couldn't. I know some people find it easier to put up their hair a day or more after it is washed. For me it is the opposite. Unless it is quite clean, it clings to itself in a most unattractive way.
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