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  • ADHD check-in

    There have been several ADHD threads in the past, so I know there are several of us around here. I thought it would be nice to ask how everyone is doing, in the name of community and sharing/helping.

    So how are all the ADHDers doing? Has everyone seen positive results on a primal diet, or has anyone discovered that they have the overfocused type and therefore need higher carbs? Has anyone been able to go off meds entirely? Does anyone use any other supplements?

    I'll start.

    I have to get very serious about diet and exercise now, because I just found out that not only is Strattera not sold in the country I moved to recently, but also it seems like ADHD is not treated pharmacologically here if it is even treated at all. So I will definitely be getting back to full paleo, low carb this time, plus extra vigilance for artificial anything, either ingested or topically applied. Vigorous aerobic activity daily plus no caffeine. Fish oil, multivitamin, maybe L-tyrosine. I may even try eliminating food-based salycilates. I'm also going to explore possible psychological roots that make it worse, and the "s" word (sin) and the "r" word (responsibility). Neither are popular in America, but really now, maybe we are overdependent on the easy way out here. Throw pills at everything.

    Anyone else?

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    My husband was diagnosed with this as an adult upon coming to the U.S. (since Italy doesn't really recognize or diagnose it as a condition). He's not experienced any improvements as a result of changing around his diet. The only factor that seems to have a huge impact in his ADHD is sleep; his focus and 'scatteredness' noticeably worse after a night of poor quality sleep.


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      Our daughter was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 14, she is now 27. Diet plays a huge part in her daily struggles. She is not on ritalin now, and I notice her inability to focus, concentrate, finish a task is increased hugely when eating lots of sugars. Not natural ones thou....well she doesn't eat many natural ones. I really encouraged her to change her lifestyle - which she did - but ended up being a seven day wonder. For that I am really sad. On about day 5 she was noticing some improvement in everything... but became unfocused about day 9 - I suppose you can lead a horse to water .......
      "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

      ...small steps....