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sweet smelling wee?

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  • sweet smelling wee?


    I've noticed since going primal, my wee has started to smell 'sweet'. Kinda like old lady in the hospital sweet ( I used to be a nursing assistant and had to help lots old ladies to the loo). I don't think the reason is a UTI as I feel fine.

    Here is my food diary:

    Do you think that I should be worried?


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    If you're worried see GP - the only thing that comes to mind is the thing about diabetics' wee being sweet...


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      maybe you're in ketosis?
      --Trish (Bork)


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        Diabetics' pee tastes sweet. It's clean so it won't hurt you to try, if you're brave =)
        Probably the ketosis thing.


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          Thanks for the replies. Is it worrying to be in ketosis for a long period of time? I think it's been about 1 week.

          the day before yesterday I introduced some sweet potatoes and other carbs in as I was biking, but other than that I'm being quite strict about the no carbs/sugar thing.

          Also, I'm really thirsty all the time which I know is an indication of diabetes. Do you think I should introduce a bit more carbs in again to address this?


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            You could always get a set of urine test strips and test your urine and see if anything is abnormal.....


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              I'd have my blood sugar tested if I were you. Back in the olden days doctors used to taste patient's urine to see if they had the "sugar disease" (diabetes). So sweet urine can definitely be a bad sign.
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                Ketosis most likely.
                Ketosis also makes you pee more frequently, or at least retain less water/flush more through, and thus more thirsty.

                No ketosis is not a concern if you are trying to lose weight. IMO.

                Long term nutritional ketosis is fine, so long as you feel fine and healthy doing it.
                As with any dietary changes if it doesn't agree with you... re-evaluate!
                There are a few of us on this forum who do it for health reasons other than just weight loss. The issues that I personally use it to help control are neurological, as does another member.
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