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Possibility of leaky gut or allergies

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  • Possibility of leaky gut or allergies

    Hello guys.

    I have been working at this for months with a huge amount of success in terms of knowledge but in terms of
    results, there are but not considering the amount of effort im putting forward, it seems to me maybe im biting in the wrong area so to speak?

    The story.
    Have had problems with fatigue/energy for years, would gget fatigued out of nowhere for a couple of hours, and that is still the same now where as i have detected a llink, If i eat foods i experience fatigue, and it can be a variety of foods, Where as if i eat nothing for say a 6-7 hour period i feel fantastic. I went too the doctors had all tests done everything came back normal, bar inflammation levels. Ive been for several tests and ive noticed a direct link too food and inflammation, i remember i went for a blood test once and felt good, i thought the test would come back sound, It did, inflammation levels were fine. I then repeated the test a few weeks later after food consumption, i experienced heavy fatigue, my inflammation levels had increased quite a bit.
    I have been testing a lot of different foods, avoiding sugar, eating just veg/meats, Taking vitamin d3, cod liver oil 2000mg daily, B complex vitamins, and so fourth too not much improvement too be fair, Nowhere near as awesome as i feel when i eat nothing, its quite amazing to be honest.
    For example i didnt eat last night for about 7 hours, i came home eat quite a moderate sized plate of vegetables on their own, within ten minutes i experienced my eyes fill up, sneezing etc, run down/fatigued, now i dont get stomach pains etc or bloating so im guessing this is an allergy. I guess theres a lot more too this for instance i havent been tested for acidity/alkalin levels in the gut, Or pretty much anything other than liver/kidney function test. I am endlessly trying too figure this out and i believe i am progressing, I am going too further experiment by now eliminating these vegetables as of last night and trying a different food source tommorow fresh, Im guessing if i experience the same feeling after eating a different food that doesnt contain sugars or yeast etc would this be down too a leaky gut?.
    My symptoms can vary also after food intake anywhere from fatigue/cold/sneezing too small twitches then sometimes too even bad chests/illness for a day or three etc. I believe this could be correlated too chronic fatigue but when i dont eat i feel fantastic.
    I also have got a problem with worms which ive had for a few years but doctors would not listen too me, reason i know this as ive seen small white threads in my stools, i am now eating garlic/onion/ginger daily and have ordered Humaworm product that is on the way as of next week. I have not yet started my probiotics as i wanted advice as weather too start them after ive done the humaworm or maybe too begin now?.
    I greatly appreciate any advice given, i am fighting on a daily basis too see improvements but the diet does not seem too be enough.


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    I don't know. I hope you'll get knowledgeable responses.
    Why do you think you have a leaky gut? How long have you been without carbs (outside veggies?). Were your thyroids checked?


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      Sounds like adrenal issues to me, can cause sensitivities to a lot of stuff. Plus the fatigue and feeling cold are symptoms as well, also weakens the immune system. I would get an ASI and a thyroid panel done


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        Sounds like you have pinworms. Ask a pharmacist for over the counter medication that will help.


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          Originally posted by codered5 View Post
          Sounds like adrenal issues to me, can cause sensitivities to a lot of stuff. Plus the fatigue and feeling cold are symptoms as well, also weakens the immune system. I would get an ASI and a thyroid panel done
          This what I thought, but my knowledge of medicine is so limited that I didn't have the courage to suggest.


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            Chris Kresser has a lot of really good info that you will find extremely relevant.

            Eat fermented foods and wait for the expensive probiotic supplement until after the Humaworm. If you want to get started now or supplement the HW, eat a lot raw pumpkin seeds to check for tapeworms (fun! ha) and eat fresh papaya seeds to kill pathogens. They are spicy! it the same protocol I did a few years ago, including the HW.

            Additionally, work on stomach acid levels (fermented foods and/or apple cider vinegar) and take digestive enzymes with HCL at the beginning of every meal.

            You can read up on adrenal fatigue at Adrenal Fatigue | Stress Supplements | Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

            I also did GAPS, including intro, for 8 months and transitioned to Primal. It really helped my food sensitivities.

            Finally, while GAPS and supplements got me about 80% better, a Chinese medicine practitioner that specialized in herbs got me even better.


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              Wow, im amazed at the replys ive had so quickly, many thanks guys i really
              appreciate it.

              I just checked up pinworm on google images and yes this is exactly what i had in the stools, Spit and
              image, and ive had the itchy backside for about 6-7 years, when i went too the doctor last and complained about it she said, That is quite common with no suggestion of medication , i was quite dissapointed.
              I will take your advice and wait for the humaworm first before exploring into the probiotics but i am very eager too solve this situation, I will go ahead quickly with the Pumpkin seeds and papaya seeds today, im not a fussy
              eater and id gladly take on any advice right now. I will admit my condition got a lot worse this year when i started back boxing, for instance the fatigue wasnt as bad last year, after a couple of months boxing and coming back competing i definetly felt more drained, and i havent got back too a stable condition, but to be honest, ive allways been flat out all my life, 100 mile an hour from the minute ive woke up so adrenal fatigue coupled with the pinworms would make sense as too how im left in this horrible condition. I have had blood tests for thyroid and adrenals and they came back ok i believe, Is a panel test different too a blood test or is this the same thing?.
              In response too anna i do remember the other day not eating nothing specifically then buying turkey from the market on its own, and i did feel great for a couple of hours, but i really cant remember my food consumption after that my memory goes terrible with the brainfog/fatigue sometimes, I will be testing my today leaving out veggies and putting in lean turkey and consuming the pumpkin/papaya seeds. Ive never really been gluten intolerant etc so maybe its not exactly leaky gut, the reason i put it down too that was because everytime i eat food if the meals slightly too big it causes issues. and ive had spots for years but since my condition got worse, they also became a lot more inflamed, they have resided now since ive been eating very clean. Another thing that might help, i noticed a few days ago when i eat certain foods i would experience blood going too my hands (red/glowinghands) This would particulary happen if i eat salmon, i can remember sitting looking at my hands after eating half a tin or so and noticing them going a bright reddy colour. Il purchase the digestive enzymes and read up on the gaps diet, i am taking this very seriously, many thanks guys.

              P.S - another thing i missed out. During the nights only i am experiencing severe dry mouth, probably the worst ive had it in my life, i pretty much get it every night and i am consuming plenty of liquid throughout the day.
              What was your experience like with the humaworm jkr?
              I also just read the gaps diet front page. It specifically says that people with leaky gut end up juggling different foods too no success because the gut wall is damaged and particles get through creating an immune response, this is on the introduction diet page, this definetly makes a sort of sense too
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                You could try keeping a food journal and note how you feel/what symptoms you have after each meal. You might see some patterns emerge after a few weeks.


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                  i was keeping a journal and i will continue to do so.

                  I have definetly figured out a pattern though over the past few months.
                  I obviously got iller and iller, didnt realise the reason behind it. Noticed a pattern too eating and fatigue.
                  Decided too eat clean and rest up a lot more seen mprovements, i remember introducing slightly larger meals which then knocked me back, i cut down sizes of meals got plenty of rest and kept getting better, too the point i was eating a big bag of peanuts every day and taking my supplements, but with even though i was still hungry i was getting stronger / more alert/ more returning functions, i even got stronger to the point i returned to the boxing gym for a two hour gym session within a few weeks, and had plenty of stamina.
                  I believe i will follow the gaps diet of taking soup/broth mix in every day then introducing small amounts of food, i believe this will work i am certain, especially with the humaworm etc too help rid of the parasites. I barely eat anything yesterday a few pieces of turkey / couple of handfulls of pumpkin seeds and im feeling better. (ive had pinworm since i was 17( can remember the itchy back since then) im 25 now, the back itching is still present/twitchy legs etc i feel its going too take a lot of work too get rid of these worms completely as ive had them for some time)
                  Before christmas i remember my srength returning well until i eat a couple of meals slightly larger and it seemed too smash me back, i need too gradually progress my eating over the weeks and as said previously i think the gaps diet will help with sensitivities e


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                    Yes I think you will get permanent relief at Breathing Problems: Basis for Chronic Diseases (Over 50 Studies), not my website btw.

                    The issues you describe can be fixed with simple breathing exercises because they are caused by low CO2 levels and therefore low oxygen levels in the body.

                    Diet is not as important as breathing, lol.


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                      No offense....but my breathing seems perfectly normal.

                      I am feeling better by the hour, Tommorow i get the bones for the broth and begin taking in soup, im really looking forward too getting my self back normal, im feeling a lot sharper already, had one small small meal today and even though hungry i feel sharp, i believe i might have got this thing right once and for all.
                      I will also be looking for private dentistry on removing my amalgam fillings, i have six, and after all this reading
                      i really dont want them there anymore ,you can replace your money, possibly not your health.
                      Many thanks for the advice and all guys its all been taken onboard, maybe il start a little journal on here
                      too give updates on how the situations going as not too spam this thread etc etc. Im also looking forward
                      too the humaworm and saying goodbye too this itchy backside. if i had stayed with the dcotors and not done my own research god only knows what shape i would have been in because eating the wrong food with this stomach turns me as ill as a dog for a few days, i feel sorry for a lot of people, Not everybody has the initiative and the doctors ive been seeing, To give an honest honest account, have been awfull, absolutely awfull.
                      I believe theres a lot more to be done in the field of health care and i also believe theres a lot more too be gained through the knowledge of natural medicine.
                      Kudos and god bless


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                        Treat the parasite and you will probably be fine. Don't bother worrying about anything else until the parasite is taken care of. I'm surprised people are ignoring that part! I'm also shocked at your doctor's response.
                        Depression Lies


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                          Originally posted by namelesswonder View Post
                          Treat the parasite and you will probably be fine. Don't bother worrying about anything else until the parasite is taken care of. I'm surprised people are ignoring that part! I'm also shocked at your doctor's response.
                          I am waiting for my humaworm too arrive am looking forward. the itching is slightly subsiding after the good diet i think the humaworm will really finish the lot off over a few weeks.
                          I noticed improvements then bam came back down off a few handfull of nuts etc, drained me for a few hours, im so sensitive too anything i put into my stomach at the minute its crazy, think i need too relax a lot more too ive got this natural thing in me too just keep doing things ,need way more rest too go with this.

                          I gotta learn how too ferment things too to aid with the gaps diet for sure, ive never done any of that stuff to be honest im absolutely clueless with it