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  • Help for my toddler

    OK bit of a background.
    my youngest son is 2.5 years old. Breastfed for only 18 months (had been breastfeeding for 4 years straight by this time, so was over it, but have major guilt for stopping since my eldest got 3 years 3 months, but anyway )
    Did have some cows milk to drink after this, but never formula, not a drop.
    Was born at home, no vaccines ever, and only children's panadol a few times over the last year or so.
    We did baby led solids, and he ate what we did, which unfortunately was pretty SAD, with plenty of crap thrown i there, till we discovered primal a year ago, but have been on and off during that time until a few months ago.
    I have realised that he has never really had solid poo. We have done Elimination Communication since birth, so have always seen his poo in a potty, and its not pleasant, really stinky and just mush. Not watery though. And quite tan coloured.
    We no longer have dairy in the house (except butter) but he doesn't get any. I cook in coconut oil and ghee. We have no grains, or any gluten at all.
    I saw a naturopath, and she said that it could be something he just needs to grow out of, and to try slippery elm tablets (chewable), after a couple of weeks on these there is no improvement.
    Is she right, that he might need to grow out of it, or is something really wrong? He does seem very happy, energetic etc but it just doesn't seem right. He also gets a naturopathic only brand probiotic.
    Does anyone have any experience with this? Trying to do a bit of a search too.
    His gut should be pretty healthy as far as im concerned but maybe a year + of crappy foods really damaged him?

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    To be honest, my DS was EC as well, and he had soft stool for a long time. I never considered this a problem.

    At the same age, he transitioned from healthy/CW to Primal with no real problems. And he eats like a champion. So, i would assume if your child is overall active, healthy, growing and seems to have no problem except soft stools, then wait and see.


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      Thanks zoebird, my husband also thinks I am worrying for nothing but its hard not too.
      But working on things like upping his fats (my bowel movements have been perfect since upping the fats this week), and not letting him overdo it on fruit and stuff like that. Time must be all he needs.
      What age did things start to go more normal for your son? He is about 4 now isn't he?


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        he is 4.

        i don't know, exactly. i didn't pay that close attention, to be honest. I never worried about it because he was so healthy overall.


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          My daughter is 4 and she had soft stools for a long time before I realized it was from too much fruit, especially blueberries and grapes.
          P.S. She was EC'd, too!


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            thanks to you both.
            I would think fruit is more likely the problem, as he would eat it all day if I let him.
            I try to give them fruit with their meals instead, rather than handing it to them as a snack. I use things like eggs, and nuts for snacks now.


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              Hi, I don't have a lot of advice except to say that my little girl was the same. She was breastfed for over 2 years, no vaccines and mostly primal from the time she started baby led solids. We used to joke about what a gross, messy little girl she was. Her motions were so sticky and goopy. We used cloth nappies/diapers with both our children. Number 1 child had poops that would just roll off when using the special nappy squirter attached to the toilet whereas our daughters nappies had to be scrubbed off with a brush like gluey tar.
              Anyhow, without changing anything about her diet at all, by the time she was almost 3 they had turned into well formed log shaped motions.