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    Damn. I thought for sure this was somehow going to involve potatoes.
    *My obligatory intro

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      Pretty sure this is a felony in the us
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        If you live in a community where all the mailboxes are in one place, would it be possible for you and your neighbors to get one of those condo mailboxes that are locked?
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          Only wider how you're going to safely get your mail now. Heh.

          Sounds like fun.
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            What type of antifreeze did you use? From what I understand, ethylene glycol is absorbable through skin. Rubbing alcohol or even cheap vodka might be the better antifreeze to use.


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              Originally posted by Sabine View Post
              I just hope you don't get a poor postal worker. Bad enough they have to contend with biting /stinging critters. Now they have to worry that there might be a dye-trap in the boxes they are legally required to service?
              This was my thought as well. Friendly Mr./Ms. Postperson notices a new address, opens the box to see if there is one of those new resident cards inside and boom covered in dye and anti-freeze, which I am pretty sure is poison btw.

              As ken stated, this may be a felony.

              That said, old me (new me is a much nicer guy courtesy of a resolution I wont keep) thinks that if the thief gets hit this will be awesome.


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                Well, closure for anyone that was worried.

                I went out first thing this morning to get the paper, and noticed all of our mailboxes were opened and mail scattered in the road. The trick package was missing!

                I picked up about 30 pieces of (mostly junk) mail and put back in proper mailboxes.

                I am probably done with this line of revenge, I was worried, too, that it might end up back in the postal system and cause a huge stir and possibly legal problems.

                I'm thinking a better 'trick package' may just contain an official-looking note and some kind of RFID tag making it seem like it's traceable.


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                  that sucks.. po box time?
                  yeah you are

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                    Thanks, Otzi. I did come back for an update to this saga. Of course it would have been too awesome to know for sure the theif got blued, but maybe you'll hear rumors around town? Local urban legend? It was some interesting reading, anyway.


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                      I came back to check too.

                      Let's hope he or they copped it.

                      you can't buy more secure boxes? Or talk to the post office with a couple of other affected people ans see if you can't come up with a solution, or at least them knowing to avoid a loaded mail box?

                      I would have though it is a felony to steal mail, not to boobey trap your own personal property