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Digestive Issues-Sooooo Frustrated!!!!!!

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  • Digestive Issues-Sooooo Frustrated!!!!!!

    I went primal around thanksgiving time and have had great success. I lost almost 7 pounds (which is amazing because for the past few years i haven't been able to lose hardly any or really slow due to a stalled metabolism). About 7 days ago I started having digestive issues. Feeling bloated, and crampy, and then the scale started going up again. I feel so frustrated. I am dropping dairy, because I am lactose intolerant, but the full fat stuff doesn't bother me, until recently. I also am going to try to drop coffee, because I put cream in it and I want to cut that out for about a week and see what happens. In the course of a week, I have gained 4 pounds. It's not that time of the month for me. I am at about 90/10 at this point. Does anyone have any insight? I think the most frustrating thing is that I thought primal was going to correct the weight issues and digestive issues and it seems like those things are coming back with a vengeance. I just don't know what to do. I also don't want to just eliminate things, what can I add in that will help? Also, is there a tea that isn't harsh on the digestive system, yet has caffeine? I can't cut cold turkey, I will have serious migraine issues!!! Thanks in advance to anyone who answers this thread.


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    Just a quick add, I count my calories, so I know I haven't been going hog wild.


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      Have you researched FODMAPS and the like?

      Some fruits and veggies don't agree with everyone. It would seem like replacing nutri-grain bars with a pear or a tomato would be forever and always better, but not always.

      Are you eating nuts? Check that out too. Make sure they aren't rancid, too. And try soaking them.

      Have you tried coconut cream in your coffee? As long as you aren't sensitive to coconut, that is.

      It can be frustrating. But I think of it this way: I have learned more about my own body in the last few months than in the previous 30 years. I will have the power to know how to not feel like crap every day.


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        You know, we got really low on groceries, and I wasn't eating any salad for like a week, but I have definitely noticed a disturbance with raw broccoli and cauliflower. I can eat it cooked though. I get my nuts from costco, walnuts and pecans. How do I soak them? For how long? And do I use the canned coconut cream (full fat) or the carton you find in the orange juice/almond milk aisle?

        And I couldn't agree with you more. I am trying to pay really close attention to my body, and how it feels so I don't have to feel like crap. It is not a quick fix, but the results are far more rewarding!

        Thanks so much Sarah, for taking time out of your busy day to respond to my post!!


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          Canned coconut cream is preferred. The ingredients should be coconut & water. Some have guar gum or some other thickener (I choose to eat it anyway, some people don't). There shouldn't be anything more than that. You'll see the stuff in the carton has a lot more!

          It sounds like you might have some issues with fiber. That's pretty normal for people transitioning. Some people can't handle raw veg. Maybe avoid those for a little while.

          Make sure you are getting in probiotics in some form.
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            Originally posted by namelesswonder View Post

            Make sure you are getting in probiotics in some form.
            Do you have any suggestions? I took a probiotic supplement this morning that I had in my fridge. Do you have any food suggestions?


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              These are good explanations about soaking nuts Technique: Soaked Nuts and It's something that the Weston A. Price Foundation advocates. I find no benefit from soaking, but as it seems to be a personal thing you may benefit from it.

              The raw vegetables are a good clue, those are known to cause digestion problems for some. I suggest following that bunny trail and see where it takes you. I for one, eat almost no veggies raw except some tomatoes and avocado simply because I do not like them raw. Apparently some paleo-anthropologists are thinking that we discovered cooking not for meat, but for vegetables, which makes a lot of sense to me.

              Coconut cream is the stuff that comes to the top of non-emulsified coconut milk. Some people open cans from the bottom, pour off the water, and then use what's left. What is sold as "Coconut cream" in a can or next to the regular creamers needs to be inspected very closely for added junk.

              I hope this helps give some direction!


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                What's the supplement that you have? If you are handling full fat dairy, you could have a serving of yogurt everyday. Sauerkraut is a favorite for some paleo folks. I get mine in supplement form (Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic, brand that was recommended to me by my doctor) because I am picky and can't eat any dairy.

                Looking at anything that might've changed in your diet in the past 7 days or so may help. You already noticed a correlation with raw veggies. Have some homemade soup this week, if you can, as the thoroughly cooked veggies and meat will be easily digested. If you can make a stock from bones, that would be great for your gut health as well.
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                  What is your take on fiber? I read somewhere that I need to get 28 grams of fiber a day. Some days I get it, most days I don't because I'm not eating a lot of fruit or oatmeal or rice.


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                    I have many years experience of IBS, which was made worse by switching to a primal diet.

                    I posted several extensive posts on this thread, detailing what I did to heal myself. Maybe something there will help:



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                      For a tea that's good for the tummy, you have choices. If you want t settle the stomach, go with peppermint/mint or chamomile. Red bush (aka roobois) will also work. If you want to stimulate digestion, go with ginger.

                      Fair warning -- if your problem is bloating/etc, ginger tea might make it worse. my body reacts badly to the "stimulating" because I generally bloat due to stress.

                      Second, go and look up fermented veggies -- it's a great way to get probiotics, nutrients, and a bit of veg (you actually don't eat that much. . . about two tbs a day. . . but it's easy to make. You can make salsas, saurkrauts, kim-chees, etc. Lots of different flavor profiles.

                      Third, in addition to FODMAPS, you might consider GAPS, but I would do it with a naturopath who understands both FODMAPS and GAPS to help you discover specifically what you need to do. My husband is paleo/modified GAPS for gut flora issues, and it's been night/day for him. Years of experimenting worked in some ways but not others. THe work with the naturopath has made a massive difference.