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Need help convincing father that I wont die going primal

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  • Need help convincing father that I wont die going primal

    Hey everyone I've started going primal recently and my dad as been going crazy over the fact that all I eat is meat, fat, and veggies but no potatoes, rice , bread and all that other stuff. Basically he's convinced that if I continue on this primal diet that I'll end up dying from liver failure or a heart attack.

    Can anyone think of ways to convince him that I won't kick the bucket because of this diet? He's starting to get angry with me (Out of fear for my health).

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    Show him a picture of Mark (who is about 57 or 58 by the way).
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      1. Eat a potato. It's primal.

      2. Give your dad your copy of PB to read. You do have a copy right??
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        Yeah, my husband is just now getting over his conviction that I went "primal" in order to kill him.

        With my husband the trick was to let him know that I was doing my research. It drove him nuts when I said one thing one day, and then corrected myself to the opposite the next. But now he is settling down and seeing the bigger picture.

        My husband didn't like PB at all, he thought it had too much woo. I think he conked out in the chapter about epigenetics.

        He is reading Taubes right now and liking it, though.

        My advice - say "I've read a lot about this, and believe that this is actually healthy. If you want to know why I believe that I can show you what I've read."


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          Actually the best way to convince him depends of the fact if you live with your parents and they buy your food or you are independent. In the latter case dont stir it up unnecessarily, just show him your results after a few months. I mean both weight, exercise achievements and blood test results.


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            Emphasize the veggies. I thought Paleo/Primal was totally wack until my husband started getting into it and I realized that the major change for us was really replacing grains with more veg (I somehow had it in my head that a typical meal would be fatty meat cooked in butter covered with bacon with a fried egg on top. Not sure where that came from).

            Veggies are the most obviously healthy thing in the entire world according to absolutely anyone. If you can frame it in terms of avoiding processed foods and eating more veggies because they're more nutrient-dense than bread, it'll be harder to argue with than, "WHOLE GRAINS ARE THE DEVIL!!! Now please pass me that stick of butter."


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              This is the reason I often won't even tell people I'm doing anything different.

              I eat meat, veggies, fruit, moderate dairy. Just no grains, no processed foods, no sugar, no chemicals. Why on earth would that be unhealthy? But some people have been totally brainwashed that you *must* get x amount of servings from grains a day. I know I fell for that malarky for a long time.

              One thing I'd emphasize is this isn't Atkins. PB definitely has a great emphasis on healthier fats, no processed foods (Atkins has a ton of processed foods), and eating vegetables.
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                Show him an article on the Inuits.
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                  I can only think of a few hundred thousand years' worth of evidence that you won't die from eating (closer to) man's natural, ancestral diet.
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                    Originally posted by Damiana View Post
                    Show him an article on the Inuits.
                    And additionally inform him of the "French Paradox"
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                      The best way to convince him to do Primal as best you can. The results will speak for themselves. I've been Primal for nearly a year and a half now my mother, once skeptic, is considering going Primal herself. My father is still a massive skeptic but if my Mom goes Primal he'll see as something valid.

                      It'll take time, but he'll see you'll be okay. If he's really as deadset against it as my father is, no amount of tests/research will change his mind. He'll have to make the decision to change his mind.
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                        But you will die

                        just less likely from diet related chronic illness.

                        yeah, remove the word diet from conversations and focus on non-processed foods.


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                          you've already had several minor strokes and are currently experiencing a myocardial infarction

                          may as well lay down and kick the bucket to prove him right
                          yeah you are

                          Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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                            yes, convulse and froth at the mouth.

                            why is he getting "angry" anyway? You are probably eating the same foods he grew up on.


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                              the stress he could cause you from his anger's more harmful than your diet
                              yeah you are

                              Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.