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  • Gerson Therapy thoughts?

    Hello everyone. I am new to the Paleo/Primal lifestyle. I have read Cordains book, and I am actually still reading Mark's book and am almost done. Doing research on nutrition and being a little skeptical about some of the foods on these diets, I ran across Gerson Therapy. They use a specific diet to cure cancer. Just wondered if anyone out there has read anymore about this therapy and what they thought. One particular idea was that you should not consume meat on this therapy. One thing that attracted me to the paleo/primal lifestyle was that you could eat meat. Anyone have some insight to this.

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    The Gerson Therapy diet, as I understand it, is orgainic raw vegan with lots of fresh whole-fruit juices, plus IV drip vitamin C, and it seems to work (from what I've read).

    Completely eliminating processed junk is definitely a step in the right direction for ANY cancer patient.

    Part of the reason that meat is "unhealthy" is that the "meat" being referred to is CAFO and/or processed meats, which have a lot of non-optimal things in them which essentially FEED the cancer cells.

    My personal feeling is - if I were diagnosed with cancer, I would definitely pay even closer attention to my diet, eliminating as much of the "20%" as possible, especially sugars. If I couldn't afford pastured meat, I might go meatless in an effort to starve the cancer. Good quality meat makes me feel ALIVE, so I would probably just eat as much pastured beef as I could afford. (Veggies also make me feel awesome, so no problem there)


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      There are a few documentaries on this subject that are/were available on Netflix.
      A Beautiful Truth/The Gerson Miracle/Dying To Have Known


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        I completely believe in the Gerson Therapy as a super quick cancer killer (and many other diseases) and then a transition to paleo or primal, depending on what the body needs, or just going Paleo or Primal.

        Edit: I have a personal friend who cured her ovarian cancer.
        Earthy Mama's Journal

        "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates


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          Getting rid of junk food, great. Eating healthy foods, also great.

          But, somebody please tell me in what reality can shoving multiple coffee enemas up your rear end be considered "natural" or "healthy"?

          Gerson is quackery at its finest.
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            Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
            But, somebody please tell me in what reality can shoving multiple coffee enemas up your rear end be considered "natural" or "healthy"?
            Are you trying to say paleolithic man didn't do that???


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              Yep, I have recently watched all of those documentaries. That is what brought up the question. I am slowly switching to paleo and this forum has been very helpful. Does anyone recommend any other blogs/sites for good recipes or information, other than what Mark already has?
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                Thanks everyone