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Ranting and rambling. Or, What's with the fads lately???

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  • Ranting and rambling. Or, What's with the fads lately???

    Iíve been reading Markís blogs and been a member of the forum for a long time. When you stick around long enough, youíll always notice things slowly changing. Thatís life. Itís normal. I have to say though, after being away from the forums on here for a while and returning to talk with like minded people Iím pretty surprised.

    When these forums originally started, it was like a bunch of friends learning about eating Primal, joking and generally supporting each other. I still see that here, but I see something more. Following Markís blog for several years, I felt (and a lot of others as well) he was stressing a change in life. Not a diet. Not a fad. But an honest change to the way we see ourselves, how we take control of our health by returning to a natural diet. His articles raised the question of why we seem to be devastated by disease and illness no other animal deals with on a regular basis in the wild. I have no recollection of him EVER advocating a crash diet. Iíve heard him point out there is no need to be overly dogmatic in your approach to Primal; even stressing the 80/20 rule for those who may struggle at first.

    Now, I read the forums and I see numerous posts about trying to quickly lose a few more lbs. I see people binging and then asking what to do to lose the 5-10 lbs they put on over the weekend. Numerous posts on the latest fad lose-weight-fast diet or ďhackĒ. As if itís an excuse to binge on alcohol, junk, etc.

    I feel for the people who are struggling. Iíve done it myself. I still will eat poisons I know I shouldnít. Hell, last night I had a crap load of sugar and felt like crap for doing it. What I didnít do though, was decide that to make up for it I had to spend the next several days only eating meat, or fruit, or potatoes, or whatever the latest hack is. Instead, I woke up and I had a good breakfast. It will be followed by a good lunch and dinner. And the next time I make that same mistake, I will recover the same way.

    Itís not a sprint people! Itís a long slow stroll to the finish line. If you stop to smell the roses on the way to the end, so what?! If you predominately eat well, the occasional pizza night, taco night or trip and fall into a bowl of cookie dough arenít that big of a deal. Neither is your weight going up by a few pounds due to your indiscretion. Go back to eating clean and it will right itself. If it had a face, eat it. If you can pick it, eat it. (Obviously, those are generalizations) If you have an off-day, or week, so what? Fix it.

    If you feel bad about gaining a few pounds, go for walk. Then, ask your husband, wife, significant other or Mom if you look like youíve gained weight. Iím willing to bet, youíre the only one who noticed. Oh, and the scale. Iíve found that scale doesnít always have your best interest in mind. Ladies, YOU are the only ones who notice a few extra pounds during that time of the month. Us guys still think your gorgeous, sexy and worth all the effort. Guys, the ladies arenít noticing if youíve gained a bit of water weight because you had a bunch of salami, cheese and beer during the football game.

    I realize some of you will be offended by this rant. If you are, maybe ask yourself why. This place was supposed to be about leading a healthy life, in every aspect, not fads. My apologies for ranting and rambling, but I hope this will lead to some good discussions.
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    No discussion here because I could not have said it better myself. Thank you, Althaur.


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      Well spoken, well said. I couldn't agree more.
      Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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        What's wrong with diet hacks? If you're doing everything right and still not seeing those unsightly love handles coming off there's nothing wrong with switching it up short term and trying something that might work like keto/vlc, potato diets, fasting, 1 meal a day, cold thermogenesis or poisoning yourself with iodine. Ok maybe we should draw the line and poisoning ourselves with iodine and submerging yourself in ice cold water for long periods of time. But the romantic notion that all it takes to arrive at our ideal weight is to switch to paleo foods and get a good night sleep doesn't pan out well for everyone.


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          Forgot, there's nothing wrong with switching it up short term. Your words, and I agree with them. But when it's being done over and over it's not short term. IF you're doing everything right and you aren't seeing those "unsightly love handles" disappearing, maybe you need to get a reality check. Either you're not doing EVERYthing right, you have a warped perception of how you really look, or MAYBE you actually have a bigger health issue which needs to be resolved.

          When the hack is done over an over as a "confession" in order to absolve yourself of bad eating it becomes an excuse to continue the bad behavior. Everyone seems to be looking for a quick fix.

          Maybe, the body when healthy will find its "ideal" weight with proper feeding and exercise. Not everyone is going to be lean at their "ideal" weight.
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            Fasting is different. It's something we do normally with sleep and is a natural occurence for most animals. While an animal can't fast forever, most seem to be able to deal with it to varying degrees for a length of time. One meal a day is just another version of fasting.

            I can't wrap my brain around the idea that eating potatoes for days on end somehow makes up for a weekend of bad decisions. It's a quick fix but doesn't address the issue. You could probably subsitute the potatoes with just about any other item for several days and still see a weight loss. You're shocking the body. Hell, think of the guy who lost weight only eating Twinkies. NO ONE would claim that was okay to do in spite of his weight loss.
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              No arguments here. There does seem to be an obsession with hacks ATM. I think in their place, as a way to shift a few stubbon lbs they are fine if they work for you. But in the context of an otherwise healthy lifestyle, not as an excuse to contine inhaling ice-cream and pizza.

              If you are eating clean, excersising well and have those last stubbon 10lbs or so to go then a hack can be very useful if weight is otherwise hard to shift, if it works for you, be it fast fasting, IF, meat only, potatoes only then go for it. This can also be the point that desperation and frustation sets in, so people can get a bit mental about the lastest thing IMHO.
              You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


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                I think it's a normal growth process of a forum. Mostly, you wait it out. Right now, we have a whole bunch of neolithic sugar pushers areound as well, claiming that paleo (in the broadest sense) is high fat and only high fat (as if that's some paleo dogma) and therefore doesn't work for everyone (paleo doesn't, because it's high fat, not high fat doesn't because not everyone feels good on high fat).

                It's just life cycles.

                For me, basic -- and I do mean basic -- PB works well. It's really improved the overall quality of my life. IF -- to which I was introduced through this forum -- has done that as well. Loving the IF. fabulous, too.

                It'll come around.


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                  Well said Althauer. You've been around longer than me. Is this the most extreme so far? It seems so to me. I hate the idea of the fads and Mark Sisson's good work being confused-esp. for the new people who come along, inquire, and then are love-bombed by those in the latest religious movement nee hack to come and join them. "We are all different," or so the saying goes, but we are not so unique as to be a different species.


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                    I think a lot of the hacks are people with bodies that no one would call fat, that want to get super lean. A 40 year old woman at 21% BF is not likely to get to 18% taking a walk and eating 80/20. . It is important to understand where some people are coming from, and also to admit that for a lot of people, just following Primal Blueprint will not get them to their vision of an ideal body.

                    But yeah, for general health, wellness, a fit body and to be attractive, one does not need a potato fast.

                    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                      I enjoy it when I do a search and find a thread from around 2010. That seems to be when the forum was most interesting and thoughtful (as in people did some real thinking and discussing). Too bad I didn't find the forum that long ago.
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                        My bit of input to those trying to tweak it all the time:
                        BUY THE BOOK. READ IT.
                        If you don't understand it, then ask questions. If you've given it an honest 6 month go, and you haven't lost a pound or don't feel the slightest bit better, tweak your diet to your liking, but don't try to enlist followers who haven't:
                        BOUGHT THE BOOK. READ IT.
                        Mark says there is no magic bullet/pill.
                        He does state that "if" you can't be full on PB then 80/20 and walking 30 minutes per day will work for general healthy improvement, he doesn't say "That's it, that's all you have to do to look like me with my ripped abs and wonderful muscles".
                        So if you don't buy the book and read the book, you cannot expect to have results like the writer of the book. He is a walking breathing example of what is in the book. Walking and 80/20 are just the "icing" (lol) on the cake.

                        PS. I agree with SBhikes


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                          As with any dietary approach, if what you do brings you to the finish line, be it slow or fast, you can maintain belief in it. You know that you do the right thing. And everything makes sense.

                          If the approach does not yield results or leads you away from the finish line, then you start looking for something different. OR a miracle to get your faith re-established.

                          The truth is that you can achieve unfavorable results with following the Primal Blueprint. People have gained significant amount of fat, acquired binging habits, screwed up their digestion, skin condition, etc. PB, like any other dietary approach is semi-empirical, not unfailable, and not universal. Dismissing negative experiments as 'whining' or 'something is wrong with you' is a property of faith, of course.

                          Blessed are the believers.
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                            Originally posted by Althaur View Post
                            ...I read the forums and I see numerous posts about trying to quickly lose a few more lbs. I see people binging and then asking what to do to lose the 5-10 lbs they put on over the weekend. Numerous posts on the latest fad lose-weight-fast diet or ďhackĒ. As if itís an excuse to binge on alcohol, junk, etc.

                            I feel for the people who are struggling. Iíve done it myself. I still will eat poisons I know I shouldnít. Hell, last night I had a crap load of sugar and felt like crap for doing it. What I didnít do though, was decide that to make up for it I had to spend the next several days only eating meat, or fruit, or potatoes, or whatever the latest hack is.
                            You just described the missing element in PB. A quick way to get back to where you should be.

                            I also hated reading these forums for years and seeing time and again, "I overate, now I will fast for 2 days" or "I'm doing my 3rd Whole 30 and still not losing".

                            I stumbled across a vegetarian approach to safe, rapid weightloss last year. It was first popularized by Mary McDougall McDougall Newsletter June 2006 Mary's Mini-McD Diet in the 80's and recently revived by Ray Cronise Thermogenex - Fuel the Burn | in some random comments on his blog.

                            We have spent months tweaking this diet, and have discovered some amazing things:

                            1. Potatoes are a rich (maybe the richest) source of resistant starch, an element almost completely lacking in Primal Blueprint diet. Resistant Starch

                            2. Potatoes are the most satiating of any food you can eat. Fullness Factor™ –

                            3. Potatoes contain protein (all essential amino acids) and are a great source of vitamins and minerals Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Potato, baked, flesh and skin, without salt

                            4. Eating mainly potatoes for 7-14 days, while not extremely pleasant, results in rapid weight loss.

                            5. Adding potatoes to your Primal Blueprint diet is an extremely cheap way to ensure you are getting the starch, resistant starch, glucose, fiber, etc... needed for good health without getting large doses of fructose and sucrose that comes with other carb sources.

                            So, all-in-all, I think the "Potato Diet", "Primal Potato Diet", "Potato Reset", and "Super Secret Potato Diet" threads have all been positive learning experiences for everyone involved. If I had ever gotten a sense that potatoes were being used for evil, or a way of punishing oneself, I would have stopped talking about it long ago.

                            I guess all new things start out as fads, but I really hope that people will give the Potato Diet a try. I think it serves a great purpose as a "Reset" for times like these, around the holidays, when life gets in the way and you get stuck eating (for whatever reasons) poisons and SAD foods which can bloat you and leave you feeling terrible for weeks. Many have been known to just say 'F--- it!' around this time of year when they see all their previous year's gains disappear in 2 weeks of office parties and family gatherings.

                            Just to recap, this is what we decided the Potato Diet is:

                            1. Plan on eating mostly potatoes for 5-7 days (90%+ of calories)
                            2. Eat between 2 and 4lbs of potatoes daily.
                            3. Other foods allowed (but optional!): 1/2 cup sauerkraut, 1 cup bone broth, 1 tsp max daily coconut oil, olive oil, or butter,
                            1-2oz lean meat daily. Unlimited coffee, tea, and water.
                            4. Spices, salt, pepper, and vinegar OK.
                            5. Lifting of Heavy Things discouraged, think Ďde-load weekí Lifting light things/walking OK.
                            6. All normal supplements OK to continue
                            7. IFíing, especially by skipping breakfast encouraged.
                            8. If you need to lose more weight, alternate the ďPotato ResetĒ diet with healthy Primal Blueprint in 5-7 day increments.
                            9. Not recommended for people who eat every 2-3 hours, have glucose issues, or have eating disorders.
                            10. Highly recommended for people who have their hunger under control, have been eating PB style for 6 months or more, and are having trouble losing weight with the normal approaches.


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                              Oh boy. The thread about how PB is supposed to be about the antithesis of short term hacking anything gets hijacked to promote a hack. Just in case we hadn't already read about it in the half dozen other threads devoted to it. Thanks, Otzi.