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Gained 20 lbs in 1 month! :( because of meds) Advice needed.

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  • Gained 20 lbs in 1 month! :( because of meds) Advice needed.

    Unfortunately, in November, I re-gained 20 pounds. Then in the past month, I've put on another 5-7. (Insert GIGANTIC frowny face.)

    I had some huge life stressors, a medical issue, and the meds the Dr.s put me on just packed on the pounds. Am off the meds now, am working on trying to re-gain high quality sleep. (Can count on one hand the number of times I've slept well since September.) And mentally, I finally feel like I have enough energy and am in a healthy place to start refocusing on weight and nutrition.

    So a little back story, one year ago I started to eat kind of primal (no wheat, no sugar, no grains). In March I found MDA. Since Nov. 2011, I've only lost and plateaued. And I was able to shed 46 pounds!

    Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, I rapidly re-gained a lot of that weight. So my question is, since the weight piled on so quickly, do you think it can come off quickly now that I'm starting to be back on track and I'm off the meds? Or am I back into a long-haul lose a little at a time journey? Has anyone else had a similar situation, gained weight rapidly because of something, and then been able to shed that weight quickly?

    Things that I'm focused on:
    1) Returning to a strict way of eating
    2) Reducing stress
    3) Re-gain the ability to have quality uninterrupted sleep.

    Things for next week:
    1) Restart HIIT workouts 1-2 times a week.

    Things to know:
    1) I do a lot of walking, recently got a fitbit and see that I log about 3-4 miles on an average day.
    2) Regaining this weight was a huge blow to me, felt absolutely devastated.
    3) I re-gained while allowing myself to eat rice, beans, flour tortillas, and chips (yes, Chipotle & Cafe Rio.) This weight did not come from sugary carbs like cakes, cookies, candy, and soda.
    4) I'm highly insulin resistant, am allergic to eggs, wheat, potatoes, and lactose.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Try and make sure your lifestyle minimises cortisol. Some things that cause a rise in cortisol (a fat producing hormone) are stress (of course), calorie restriction, very low carbs, too much exercise. Since you are off the meds, this should help, but I would aim for slow gentle weight loss. I think this will give more long term benefits. Obviously steer clear of foods you are allergic too, but don't be too severe with yourself.

    Maybe look at some stress relieving exercise like yoga or pilates.
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      If it's water weight, it might come off quickly if you go off the carbs, otherwise I don't think it'll be any faster for you to lose weight with your health problems; you might find weight loss even slower, to be honest. You could try one of the popular hacks that's been going around here, the primal potato diet, but again, your health is at stake so I wouldn't do this without a doctor supervising. What's your hurry to lose weight anyway? Do you have a specific deadline to meet? An event to look good for? Just take it slow, crash diets are easiest to fail. Start eating healthfully again, and go from there. Your overall health is more important than a number.
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        Hi Jo & Damiana, thanks for your thoughts!

        I think you're right, a slow gentle weightloss is probably best. But here's hoping that at least part of it is water weight.

        Over the past three days I've returned to eating Primal style, and I feel oh so much better! Perhaps initially, that is enough. Actually, that is enough, I've felt so horrible these past many weeks.

        Moving forward, I think for these first few weeks, I'll just take things day by day. Not focus on calorie counts, but nutrition and starting back up with the HIIT.

        I really don't have a goal date for anything, just overall health. And It really hurts when you take such a giant step back over such a short period of time. Guess that's life, right? And I guess I can take comfort in knowing that at least with this way of eating, the weight came off and stayed off. (At least when things weren't falling apart... and those meds, dang those meds.)

        I've been intrigued by the potato diet, but I'm allergic to potatoes. They trigger acne for me, and boils, oh the boils! So no potato diet for me. Thanks for mentioning it though, I appreciate the thought.


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          I feel like you probably are just retaining water and that will come off with time and clean eating. If you have been sick, nothing better than eating a good diet of nutritious foods and exercise.

          The only thing I might do is really focus a lot on veggies. They always help make me feel cleansed. And eat to the lighter side of primal.

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            Does anyone have any idea what Lynne is talking about?

            It sounds like random texts posted here by mistake.


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              Hi Magnolia Thanks!

              I actually went out and bought a juicer, so that I could really load up on the veggis and nutrients by drinking them. So yes, I definitely am wanting to load up on veggis for the next little bit.

              So something that I'm noticing is that my face seems to be thinning a little bit already, so yes, I think maybe I had a lot of water weight hanging on. happy day. I've decided to stay away from the scale for at least another week.


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                I agree that a good amount of that weight is likely water and that it will come off, but try not to let a sense of urgency stress you out to the point that it halts any possible losses or, even worse, the increase in cortisol release causes you to gain. I've seen a lot of people here admit (in hindsight) that their stress level or losing the gained weight did impede the results of some pretty grand efforts. Once they stopped allowing this goal to occupy an unreasonable amount of time and energy both mentally and physically, the weight seemed to budge with much more ease.

                Drinking lots and lots of water has always helped me shed extra water weight - but keeping electrolytes in check while doing so makes a HUGE difference in how I feel. Sodium and potassium depletion is not a fun thing!

                Good luck to you, I'm eager to follow your progress.
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