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Need ideas for shared lunch

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  • Need ideas for shared lunch

    Am going to MIL's for lunch Christmas Eve...
    SIL is planning it (ie providing the food) but I don't trust her to provide stuff I or hubby can eat (she says shes gone wheat free to which in her case is probably translates to lots of icky vegetarian "gluten free" crap)

    So I need ideas for something/s I can bring that is
    1 yummy
    2 not to complicated to make (or get ingredients for)as im already running around like crazy person
    3 Hubby says it needs to make his sister wish she could cook 1/2 as good as me (yes, he really said that)

    Due to to much work & not enough sunlight the last few days, my brain is fried & I just cant think of anything interesting to take (Normally wouldn't be an issue... just.. feel like
    Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.

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    I dunno ... do you really want the work, if someone else is prepared to do it? And I guess you don't want to upstage the lady. Since you know you could if you wanted to, you don't need to.

    I think you can kill both those birds with one stone. I guess you just make sure that what you, but not someone who is (possibly) vegetarian, might see as a major part of any meal is there. So anything she might provide, since at least it's wheat-free, is probably OK, at least as a side dish, but you do want to be sure there's enough flesh or fish for everyone who might want it. And that doesn't have to be elaborate.

    If there's plenty of people, poach a large fish, such as a salmon and take that -- or even just take smoked salmon. Alternatively, how about a ham -- baked, simmered, whatever?


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      To clarify, the last couple time me & Hubby ate her cooking.. we both got sick afterwards.. not food poisoning kinda sick, but the food definitely did not agree with us.. so aside from any fruit/veggies she might bring its probably safer for me to take the time to provide a alternative... its ether that or I IF & then MIL freaks out 'cause I must be starving myself....

      Shes not actually vegetarian but tends to lean that way. Most likely, most of what shes going to provide is going to be of the low fat, CW "healthy" variety.. you know.. with margarine.. & "wheat substitutes" & god knows what.....

      If it wasent a "Family Holiday Thing" we would just skip it but "shrugs" MIL already thinks were anti social (Probably because we are )
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      Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.


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        I think a nice salad with some type of meat, feta or goat cheese, and nuts/dried berries is always a winner.


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          A quiche, casserole, potato/chicken/tuna salad, Swedish meatballs
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