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    This thread really makes me smile. For years I suffered as the following described me:

    • Lack of managing appropriate social conduct
    • Anger management problems (as a child - extreme tantrums weekly)
    • Controlling feelings such as depression, fear or anxiety
    • Lack of empathy
    • Inability to listen to others
    • Inflexible thinking
    • Repetitive routines provides feelings of security
    • Stress when their routine suddenly changes
    • Inability to think in abstract ways (as a child)
    • Specialised fields of interest
    • Visual thinking

    But decades ago I was just considered difficult and socially undesirable to be with. Over time I learned how to manage these things so by the time I reached my mid 40s I was able to cope socially. By mid 50s I was doing quite well and could think very abstractly.

    Caiseal Mor, successful seriously autistic author of speculative fiction, wrote that one of the key aspects from his perspective is that he could always tell when people lied and people lied all the time - to themselves and to others. I would agree. It seemed so logical to me I wondered why others couldn't see it.

    I have an autistic cousin (diagnosed) with many others in the family with Aspie characteristics. We've learned that we can be high functioning and find a space in society where we can thrive but we avoid medical diagnoses as these can come back to bite you.

    Personally I find that the diet has finally got rid of my depression and anxiety of nearly 60 years - do you realise how important that is to me? SIX DECADES of feeling like crap has now gone. I'm now OK. The diet also loosens up my inflexible thinking - I'm not stuck and routines are preferences (maybe strong preferences) that can be set aside. Empathy has always been there in some form, but I was always puzzled that I was supposed to be empathetic but noone else needed to be empathetic towards me. I was always the problem in my younger years but noone ever considered my feelings or what was important to me. I could never work out why I was self centred but the self centred people who wanted me to think of them would never set aside what was important to them and think of me. I got over it and just lived my own life.


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      Originally posted by Iron Fireling View Post
      and isn't afraid to speak his mind even when he's been told it's inappropriate to do so.
      I could never understand why I couldn't speak my mind but so many bosses and colleagues had no trouble speaking their mind even when it upset me a lot. I was rude when I did it. When they did it I was just supersensitive.

      I never did learn what it was that meant some people could get away with lying and rudeness frequently - and still wonder, but now I tell them their behaviour is inappropriate and will they please apologise, if it is. I personally don't find other Aspies rude and inappropriate - well not at all often, and certainly nowhere near as often as so-called normally socialised people.