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Some thoughts on cutting back on alcohol

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  • Some thoughts on cutting back on alcohol

    For various reasons I started cutting back on alcohol. I would typically have 1 or 2 glasses of wine or beers in the evening a few days a week - most would describe this as moderate consumption at the most. Then a month ago I decided to cut down to having beer or wine to once a week (or even less).


    I'm finding that my body doesn't seems to care much for alcohol. If I have more than one glass of beer or glass of wine, I don't sleep well and my body feels "blah". Has anyone else had similar experiences?

    I truly enjoy a glass of wine or a good craft beer, but I'm really thinking I'm going to give it up except for rare social occasions. I'm finding that a cup of camomile tea is much more agreeable to me in the evenings.

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    Funny, I was considered taking up drinking alcohol to ween myself of fruit and 'tea with something' in the evenings. I have never touched a drop, and I am 37 yo.

    But my husband mentioned that alcohol causes inhibitions to go down, so I am more likely to over-eat instead of wine helping me with the tea 'with something' problem after supper. If that was not a consideration, and I could just sip on one glass of wine instead of eating and apple with almond butter with a cup of tea and cheese etc I would be happy. Much less damage.

    So, one thing for you to ponder if you have a long-standing habit that you will be if you will subconsciously seek something to replace that glass of wine in the evening and if that something could be more damaging than the glass of wine.
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      I used to drink a glass or two most nights but agree it disturbs my sleep enough that the next day i don't feel alert.

      So i've largely dropped it apart from weekends. It is a great shame because i do enjoy it.


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        Originally posted by Leida View Post
        So, one thing for you to ponder if you have a long-standing habit that you will be if you will subconsciously seek something to replace that glass of wine in the evening and if that something could be more damaging than the glass of wine.
        Right now its "tea with nothing" before bedtime. On occasion I'll crave a snack, but its much less than when I have beer or wine.


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          You are a lucky man.
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          When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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            Alcohol is a take-it-or-leave-it for me. I actually bought a bottle of beer (an Arrogant Bastard IPA) a few weeks ago to have over thanksgiving, but it's still in the back of the fridge along with some beer I bought in 2011. It isn't that I abstain...I really enjoy good tequila, whiskey, wine, beer, etc...I just forget to drink, and then forget what I have available to drink. So, with that said....

            Not me. E.g. a couple days ago I had two beers immediately after my Sunday work-out. Not only were they delicious (though they were brewpub "holiday ale" type brews - usually chancy) but (after appropriate time for metabolizing) I still had energy to do what I needed to do that evening (watch a 48FPS showing of The Hobbit pt1), and I slept well.

            Drinking obviously isn't something I think you should force yourself to do, but it isn't something a healthy person should actively avoid either.


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              I used to snack a lot in the evenings, but I started following the warrior diet, so a couple of small snacks through the day, and one big meal at night, no breakfast, or lunch. Since I eat a big dinner on this I find that my desire to snack after dinner is gone completely. I also have more energy through the day. I am only 1.5 weeks in, but so far I am liking this!!!


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                When I drink wine in the evenings I usually get super sleepy but tend to wake in the middle of the night...seemingly when the alcohol has burned off. I do MUCH better without it. My hubby just recently gave up beer (SO PROUD OF HIM!) and sleeps like a baby now...but nights he subs in wine he seems to wake up less well-rested.

                I agree that eating a big dinner with healthy fats usually prevents me from evening snacking.
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                  I really used to enjoy a good red wine but , lately, I seem to have lost my taste for it too. And I agree with Solstice about the sleep disruption.


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                    Hey I used to work in Boise!
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                      I drink whiskey, on ice with a splash of water. I haven't really altered my consumption rates MUCH, but I can't hold as much as I did before. That said, part of it might have been the 100 extra pounds of blubber I had to diffuse the booze.

                      I don't find it significantly affects my rest patterns...
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                        I am definitely more sensitive to alcohol now. Except for when I drink my beer that is the reward for mowing the lawns
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                          I have cut back a lot on alcohol too and not because I have been trying to live a primal lifestyle. When I started I basically made the choice that alcohol would be my main vice instead of other "cheats."

                          But before I digress, the main reason I cut back is that very modest amounts of alcohol sometimes leads to a hangover. I'm talking like 2 beers can sometimes result in me feeling like crap in the morning. Also, if I drink to intoxication, my next day hangover is sometimes accompanied by a dramatic bout of anxiety where I feel nervous and skidish all day and can't accomplish anything.

                          So against my better interest, I still have a few beers a month since I enjoy a good craft beer. But I have cut back for the most part.
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                            When will I ever learn? Went out last night and had two pints of craft beer and simply felt like crap last night! I hard a hard time falling asleep and overall felt really off. I think this may be the end of the line for beer.


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                              I have been as much as a 3 bottles of red wine a week girl. Last April I decided that I probably did not need the extra 3000 calories a week, but still had about a bottle and a half. Then in the fall I participated in an 8 weeks transformation at the gym and only drank on weekends. I slept so much better, my workouts were better etc. However, I promised myself if I did another transformation I would abstain for the 8 weeks. We are now 10 days no alcohol. I have to say the difference is pretty amazing, sleeping better, able to go all out in the workouts, far less snacking etc. I still think about my wine, but am enjoying the benefits enough to not crack. Yet.
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