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why we need to educate children!

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    I have a son who is 25 and has been overweight his entire life. He did not eat perfect by any stretch but like you said he did not eat any worse than most people his age. Yet, here he is. Looking back I think of all the things I should have done and didn't. Would it have made a difference? I don't know. Mother's guilt is a strong force. Just do what you can and recognize that this is not your fault

    Originally posted by Iron Fireling View Post
    I have an overweight child (and two who aren't). Interestingly he is a lot like my sister, who is also very overweight (and started putting on weight about the same age he did... 9 or so). Let me just say I am not an idiot, and neither is he (although at times I FEEL like one!!). I stopped feeding him white bread years ago, in fact, I hardly feed him bread at all now... I don't buy snack food for my kids (or at least, only very rarely). My daughter told me some months ago that her so-called friends accused her of being "poor" and when I asked why she told me it's because of the lunch she brings to school (which doesn't include all that pre-packaged rubbish most kids unfortunately have as part of their school lunch).

    So you'd think with me taking all that rubbish out of the kids' diet that it would help (we never had THAT much to start with, but I've cracked down harder)... but no, my oldest son is still overweight. He probably does eat too much, but at the age of 14 it's a bit hard for me to prevent him from eating (and the stuff he IS eating is no longer really bad stuff... but he will go overboard with stuff that's not so bad, too... ).

    The thing is, through this experience (having an overweight child) I have started to see WHY there are some people who just can't seem to lose weight, for all that they don't eat so much differently to other folks who stay slim without much effort (and in some cases, eat much better). I became somewhat overweight in adulthood, but my sister was obese as a teen, at a time when I managed to have a BMI of 20 while still being brought up in the same home, fed the same food etc. etc.

    No, my sister and I didn't have a perfect diet, BUT it affected her a lot more than it did me. I see skinny kids eating loads of food (much of it junk) and it doesn't affect them nearly as much as it would my son, or my sister, or some of the other overweight people I know who generally don't eat THAT poorly.

    I guess I'm just saying you can't look at every overweight or obese kid and assume that their parents are clueless, or they know nothing about healthy eating (I am rather sensitive to this though, because I'm sure there ARE people who look at me and assume I am a clueless parent).

    There was a time when *I* thought parents of overweight kids were idiots, and that if my child ever started putting on weight I'd be able to "nip it in the bud" so to speak. Well I learned my lesson there! At the moment I'm striving to get my son to focus on eating a primal diet and avoiding junk, and while he's sort of with the program, he finds it difficult to eat differently to his siblings/peers (I'm trying to encourage it with his brother and sister too... in that they also don't get white bread or pre-packaged junk food etc. etc. but due to fussy eating habits I do compromise occasionally).

    So yeah, this is a complicated issue. I've seen skinny kids who eat healthily, and I've seen skinny kids who can pack away the junk food, sodas, etc. etc. and then I see kids like my son who doesn't even have access to most rubbishy food anymore and who still struggles (while his brother and sister are just regular, lean kids).

    Geez I saw a friend of my kids yesterday pack away several servings of that microwavable mac and cheese stuff (I took one look at the bowl and said, "Hmm I'm thinking you've got more than a single packet in there!" and then one of my son came in, looked at the bowl and said "how many packets ARE you eating??" and yet, this kid isn't overweight (she never did confess how many packets were in her bowl, but at a guess I'd think at least 3!!). There is no way I would even BUY that stuff for my kids let alone let them eat several servings... and yet, there you have it! This kid who is allowed to eat that way isn't overweight, and my son who isn't allowed to eat that sort of food (and certainly not that sort of quantity) is overweight.
    You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

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