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Am I in Ketosis?

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  • Am I in Ketosis?

    I just realized the other day that I haven't been eating many carbs lately. I have intentionally been eating more primal, but was going to just limit my carbs down to 150g or so as Mark recommends in his book. But I now realized that I've been getting less than 100g of carbs per day, and some days maybe only 50g. It's been this way for probably at least two weeks. Except last week Thursday, I inadvertantly got a ton of carbs (probably 200-300g) because I wasn't really keeping track, and that night I had to urinate constantly and it was clear. On the rest of the days, again I've had probably between 50g to 100g of carbs. On those days, I have to urinate a lot more frequently than normal. I'm always thirsty, but scared to drink too much because I'm tired of having to go to the bathroom so often. It was three times last night! Also, sometimes my urine smells sweet, but not the same type of sweet as you get when you eat a ton of sugar. Finally, I had a KILLER headache on Saturday that was so bad I felt nauseous from it.
    Today, I got myself some urinalysis strips. My first test the results were all normal except protein was slightly elevated (the color most closly matched the 15 value) and my ketones measured ~40. Does that mean I'm starting into ketosis? Does that also explain why I feel thirsty all the time and have to go to the bathroom a lot? Is the slightly elevated protein probably from the fact I'm eating a lot more meat lately?
    (By the way, I had kidney bloodwork done 2.5 weeks ago because I was concerned about some prescriptions I had been taking that can sometimes cause kidney disease. The doctor said my kidneys were fine because my serum creatinine was within normal ranges and there was no blood in my urine. He didn't mention anything about protein in my urine, but I'm assuming they checked that too so he must not have been alarmed by it's value at that time.)

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    I'm also curious if some of my thirst and frequent urination is caused by low potassium. I know I get plenty of sodium in my diet, but I'm not sure about potassium. How do you get enough on a LC diet?