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Varicose veins & a primal diet - why are mine getting worse?

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  • Varicose veins & a primal diet - why are mine getting worse?

    I have had bad varicose veins since I was 17 and had them removed at 19.

    During pregnancy I exploded with spider veins, more varocise veins and a vulval varicosity plus more heamarrhoids.

    I've searched the forums but can't find any information on why these are a disease of a modern diet. Why? How did they start? What can I do?

    Recently that have become quite painful. It's summer so perhaps that's the heat. I'm slim, eat very well and exercise according to the PB, so why are they getting worse?

    For information, I'm 38 and have been primal for a year.

    Any help would be appreciated, my GP says I can have them removed, but that's not going to stop new ones from popping up.

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    Dexy, I have had mine removed three times, and yes new ones pop up...and out !!!!! I have only suffered from the leg ones, so I can't say much about the others...but.....
    When you are sitting watching tv at night, or on the puter, or whatever - try and put your legs up. Make sure that your ankles are higher than your hips. This enables the blood to drain and replenish.
    Do not wear tight undies, or knee highs, as these can restrict blood flow.
    Put a pillow under the mattrace near your feet, so your legs are draining the blood all night - this is also good for pregnancy
    Don't do hot baths/spa pools too often. Mine always got worse in the heat. Cold anything works a treat !
    Another one that my Mum used to do, but I havn't gotten into lie on your back with your legs up the wall, for 5 minutes each day. Once again this allows the blood to drain and be replenished - which is good for varry veins.
    I also take magnesium, and this helps my restless legs. In fact VV and restless legs have gotten better since eating this way
    good luck
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      I've got them on the side of my knee, and I think I recently had a blocked one (will talk to doc about it tomorrow at check up). What has helped me is essential oils-- daily rubs. Tea tree oil, lavender, helichrysm, lime. Dunno if it would be an option for you, but worth a try?
      --Trish (Bork)


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        In your case, they're likely genetic so a primal diet won't help. I think surgical or laser removal is your best bet.
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          mine are genetic -- just like my dad. I'm saving for laser treatments (mine are tiny spider veins).


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            Thanks everyone. My parents don't have vv issues, but my siblings are all sufferers.

            Does anyone know why these veins are classified as a disease of civilazation?


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              Besides the genetic factor, people who get varicose veins are typically obese and therefore move around very little. It's not the main cause of varicose veins, but by not moving around, circulation in the legs suffer and increase your chances of getting them. Diseases of civilization are those caused by modern conveniences, such as having too much food to eat, and having the money to afford cars, therefore people move around less and get fatter due to overeating (Diabetes type II would be one example). Varicose veins are therefore classified as a disease of civilization.
              F 28/5'4/100 lbs

              "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath; do your research."