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    Originally posted by Blackcatbone View Post
    Are you sure the oven was hot enough? When I've seasoned stuff it's worked well, although the whole house smelled bad. Also, was this a new pan or older one? If it was new did it have a preseasoned layer that needed cleaning off? Or if it was older was it cleaned and dried thoroughly first? The iron I've used this on was old, weathered pieces that I found along the RR tracks, so seriously rough shape, but even then, after a good cleaning and drying blackened up nicely.
    I had the oven at 500F for an hour, then let it sit inside the oven for an hour or more each time. It was a Lodge pan, but I sprayed it down with oven cleaner and let it sit overnight twice to remove anything that might have been on it. I did not do the vinegar soak since it did not look rusty to me. I just rinsed off the oven cleaner, put it into the oven until it was dry, oiled it and wiped it and then back in the oven at 500F.