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Your craziest magnesium dream(s)

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  • Your craziest magnesium dream(s)

    So I started taking magnesium yesterday to help me sleep better through the night.


    Just wow.

    Each dream was the craziest I've had in a decade or more and there was just a non-stop series of them. Lets see, my 60 year old mother (well she is in 5 days) told me she was pregnant and I thought that was completely normal that I'd have a brother in his mid 40's, a brother that's 40, me at 27 then a new sibling... crazy.

    Then I bought a car from a co-worker that was more or less a pile of scrap because I had a Bentley in the dream but wanted something more fuel efficient *shakes head* so while I was trying to get it operational a quarter panel had to come off and I found that the frame was solid gold.

    Then I was in my grandparent's old neighborhood, everyone was dressed in late 60's early 70's attire, the cars were mostly 40's but I remember a 54 ford super deluxed that was driving up and down the street with no apparent driver and as a topper everyone was trying to get me to do opium.

    Is this going to happen every night? I might go insane haha. Hopefully this calms down when my body gets used to the extra, all I had was 2 180mg caps.
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    I had crazy dreams because of Magnesium as well. Walking with a friend in a school, and he's pissed off for god knows what reason. So we're walking, and he won't let go of me, and I started saying he's crazy, asked someone to PLEASE get him off of me. Eventually he let go but got pissed off at the adult, got her into a corner pulled a gun out and was really pissed then. I'm on the opposite side of the large room, I think I better run for my life. Was running heard him say,"Oh shit" and he started running after me, I bolted out, ended the dream and woke up in sweat and adrenaline rush. And that kid is actually really crazy in real life too.

    I guess my brain interpreted a song I listened to that had the lyrics "run for your life"
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