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Trying to convince my mom!

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  • Trying to convince my mom!

    Little background (mostly just for flavor's sake):

    My mom is nearing 60. She looks great (much younger than her age) but doesn't do anything special for her appearance--doesn't even die her hair. She doesn't struggle to keep trip, but she suffers from low motivation (in, um, everything) and what I would call "chronic fatigue" but what she calls "not enjoying [her] job." She's teaches middle school math.

    I went Paleo 4 months ago and, except for a couple of cheat days, have been 100% paleo/primal since then, and am currently embarking on a VLC N=1 experiment. It's quite possibly the best thing y that has ever happened to me--all kinds of problems in my life turned around when I started eating paleo, and not all of them could be directly traced to diet (at least, not by what CW says).

    I'm now trying to convince my mom to try paleo this summer. I've brought it up several times and we're now at the point that she at least doesn't think I'm smoking crack. She accepts what I'm saying about evolution-based nutrition as valid, but she doesn't care.

    She doesn't think she feels bad. She doesn't think she needs to change her diet because there's nothing wrong with her. And it's true, she doesn't suffer from any serious health concerns (I think she went in for what might or might not be a root canal the other day, but other than that, nada. zip. zilch). She does think that she needs to exercise. I quote "I'm getting too old NOT to be exercising." This does not mean, however, that she's exercising (I'm also trying to get her to sign up for a fitness program this summer with me).

    So we had a little conversation about paleo the other day. It happened at about 1 AM my time, and I hadn't planned on it happening at all or I would have been more prepared for it, but ce la vie. It was a lot more in depth then any previous conversation we've had, and involved lots of begging on my part, along with some psuedo-science and the "living in a hayfield analogy" and comparisons to her mother (my grandma) who is NOT a picture of perfect health, but who has lived to the ripe old age of 90. I asked my mom whether she'd like to be a fit, trim, fully-aware 90 year old, or one who is...slightly batty. Not that I know for sure that paleo will help that, but it sure can't hurt.

    She remained unconvinced.

    So I offerred to CLEAN THE GARAGE/BASEMENT if she would only try paleo for a month this summer, when I come home. This is a huge, huge job, and I HATE cleaning.

    And she didn't agree, but I think we're making progress. She was a little taken aback that I was willing to do such a thing for something she considers so unimportant.


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    What does she eat that makes it so impossible for her to even try this? I have my hispanic family almost on board, only my father is the problem "no bread, no rice? no dice" my mother and sister have noticed the improvements in my physique and energy levels (I'm dutifully up at 7-8am despite what time I went to sleep or what I have going on, and I'm in the kitchen cooking my meals for the day, this was FAR from just 2 months ago, 20lbs overweight and sleeping in all the time)

    maybe take it slow with mom, have her "replace" (hate that word) processed carbs with veggies, but make sure she doesn't just steam them or boil them which makes them bland, get some flavor in them, cook in butter, bacon grease, etc or make paleo/primal substitutes for things. I make cauliflower rice and mashed "potatoes" a lot to have my family try it and realize that they can taste good, especially the mashed cauliflower, when prepared similarly to mashed potatoes the difference is really minimal.

    As my cooking progressed and went away from boring my family paid more attention to what I was doing and I make meals for my sister sometimes, who definitely needs it. The biggest issue with them is white rice, they are so used to it, but when looking at pictures from only 10 years ago (when we migrated to the U.S.) it's like night and day, all of us gained weight on a standard American diet (oooh! drive-thrus! tv dinners! food court at the mall!) and we went away from our South American cook-everything-at-home roots which is what I'm trying to get back into with tremendous "results", I like to think of it as homeostasis ...

    So, easy your mom into it, tell her to try a week rather than a month, that's how I'm getting my gf on board, little by little, no sugar this week, lower carbs the next, so on and so forth ...
    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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      I feel ya, unfortunatly my mom is not in very good health. She is always suffering sinus trouble and has a weak immune system. I was the same way my whole life until going primal. My father, while not the picture of health, doesnt seem as ill effected by grain/sugar consumption and rarely gets ill. He does have "high cholesterol" and was at risk for diabettes tho. He is not supportive AT ALL of her making any dietary changes and pushes sugary desserts on people after filling them with pasta. When I discuss eliminating grains, she seems to get it, but has not taken any steps yet. She also loves fruit juice. I would twist her arm, but i spent 3 years preaching the health benifits of vegetatianism, so now I try to only elaborate if asked and let my physical changes do the talking. At easter dinner I was asked why I gave up vege, I explained that when i became veg i was following what I believed to be the healthiest way of eating (conventional wisdom). After 3 years of experimenting (initial boost in health from eating REAL food, followed by loss of all my muscle and being skinny fat) and doing allot of research, I believe a primal diet is best. My uncle made a comment about "I see, so you dont want to eat vegetables anymore so find something to read that says you dont have to" My mouth didnt want to reply, the back of my hand did. so i just walked away and finished cooking their pork tenerloin.

      Good luck!