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Surprising advantages/perks of losing weight

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  • Surprising advantages/perks of losing weight

    Okay, just looking for some extra motivation.

    For people that have gone from fat to fit, have you found any perks/advantages/changes in your life that you didn't expect.

    Like little known perks of losing weight?

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    i sweat less, and i'm more flexible.


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      Movie theatre seats.


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        Random strangers that you find attractive hit on you (sometimes even younger ones!)... always good for the EGO!
        “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
        ~Friedrich Nietzsche
        And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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          Well, I only lost about 10-15 lbs of non-pregnancy induced weight, but it made a big difference.

          Pro: Guys at the meat counter are more willing to do favors for me. (Can't you please just slice that up for me....please?)

          Con: I get carded more (flattering, but annoying)


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            Originally posted by WeldingHank View Post
            Movie theatre seats.

            plane seats also


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              I can wear heels to work without being crippled by midday

              (know heeled shoes are not Primal at all, but I work in a corporate environment where my Vibrams just aren't appropriate unfortunately)


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                Thighs not rubbing together - omg, best thing ever. 90% of my wardrobe now is skirts and dresses.

                Being able to comfortably cross my legs.

                People treating me 100000x better - took me a while to come to grips with that one.


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                  +1 on Thighs!!! -- I sure got tired of my pants wearing out in the inner thighs. I had to give up buying suits and go to sport coats and slacks, I've got lots of coats with no pants.
                  The Buck stops here. I am responsible for my past and my future. So for today: I choose to be happy. I will seek wisdom. I will be a servant to others. I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit.


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                    Knees that don't hurt.
                    Feet that don't get puffy.
                    Sinuses that are congestion free all the time.
                    Never getting sick.
                    Getting hit on by guys young enough to be my kids.
                    Skin that doesn't need makeup.
                    Instead of "OMG, I need to find something to eat!" when out, it's "Cool, unplanned IF."
                    +1 on the thighs issue. Daylight between them means hiking all day in shorts without that uncomfortable bunching up of fabric.
                    Better cardio vascular health plus better flexibility=BETTER SEX! Yay!


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                      Young, thin, shopping assistants telling you to try size S or dutch 36 , and fitting into it (happened yesterday )! When 6 months ago I was buying L and growing out of 42.
                      Sometimes I look at a mannequin in a shop and think nice clothes, I'll never fit into them, read the label and discover I can


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                        People actually listen to me when I talk health.

                        More eye contact. I guess being nice to look at means getting looked at more.

                        My feet don't hurt usually, even on those busy nights where I'm standing/walking five hours straight, etc.

                        More chin-ups and push-ups are possible when the spare tire is gone.

                        I can slip past chairs, walls, etc. without having to ask people to move out of the way.

                        That's just weight - not health or fitness. Yeah, my arthritis is gone, no gas, no zits, etc. But as for weight, it's awesome. Of course, I'm adding muscle now so my weight is going up slightly. But in the right places.
                        Crohn's, doing SCD


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                          Lets see... less sweat, better flexibility, less hesitant to see yourself in the mirror, better clothing options, cheaper clothing options...

                          Originally posted by WeldingHank View Post
                          Movie theatre seats.
                          Sadly I don't fit in any but new theaters regardless of fat, it's my hips (and to further worsen the situation usually a gun at the 3 o'clock position heh)
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                            Yesterday I was waiting at the coffee shop for someone I had never met before. This man (good-looking, 40ish) came in and kept looking at me (51), so as he goes by I ask, "Are you Richard?" He says smiling, "No, but I could be!"

                            It's been awhile since anything like that happened. Awesome.
                            Female, age 51, 5' 9"
                            SW - 183 (Jan 22, 2012), CW - 159, GW - healthy.

                            Met my 2012 goals by losing 24 pounds.
                            2013 goals are to get fit and strong!


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                              Running to catch bus without getting completely winded. I've only lost 40lbs so far and still have about 100 to go, but this is the best bit. And I haven't even added in exercise to the mix yet. Just the dropped pounds.