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  • Seriously- Low Fat?

    Forget diets: Cutting fat keeps you slim - Vitals

    Ooooo, you can lose 3.5 lbs opting for low fat versus the SAD diet. I'd say that's about what you can hope to expect eating a miserable low fat diet. Throw in some chronic cardio and you might lose 5. Then when your body craves fat, you can go on an eating bender and gain back those 5 lbs plus 5 more.

    Of course, actually eating fat and cutting processed foods and reducing carbs to reasonable levels yielded me a loss of over 35 lbs to date.
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    I saw it on the news this morning. To her credit, the anchor lady kind of laughed it off and said: "Hm, on the other hand we are being told that a low in fat diet would make people feel less satisfied and will load up on sugars".

    Just another one of those senseless no news nutrition reports out there.


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      After experimenting with my diet a lot, I actually feel the best on a low fat/high carb diet. My digestion is better, my mood and energy levels are better, and I overall enjoy my food more eating this way. Plus, I've found that since I've added back starches and real cane sugar (not HFCS) to my diet, I have MUCH less of a sweet tooth than when I was low carb.

      It's a shame that low-fat is automatically associated with eating fake frankenfoods, because I still eat plenty of fruit, grassfed meats, seafood, and gluten-free starches, I just cook without much (or no) added fats. Doing this, it's quite easy to eat low fat (especially since I don't eat nuts or dairy) but still be eating good quality foods.

      The only way I've ever been able to lose weight is by cutting back on fat. My body really thrives on carbs. So I actually don't see why this article is so off-base.


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        Many fat sedative people seem to do better on higher fat and many lean and physically active people seem to do better on higher carbs. Personally I like to cycle between high proteins, moderate fat, low carb and a diet of moderate protein, high carbs, low fat, and also just staying "steady state" on a diet of high protein, moderate fat and moderate carb.

        Lyle McDonald on Carbohydrates:

        Lyle McDonald Interview Part 3 (Carbohydrates) «
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          I think cutting fat in a high fat diet is a reasonable way to restrict calories for some people, especially in the short-term. Fat is fantastic for us, but if you already have a surplus of it, you might benefit from restricting it to create a deficit. Fat doesn't take much energy to absorb, but carbs and protein have a much higher thermal effect. Of course we're all different, but after this current experiment I'm doing, I see that high fat can make weight loss more difficult as its so caloric but dense; very little volume. You have to eat to satiety, whatever combination that might be. And lower fat might be the key for many who respond better to it.
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            I still can't find what works for me. Savory paleo (i.e lower end of the fat spectrum) without fruit, nuts and dairy worked great for me, but I did not have the will power or serotonin or whatever to go on. maybe the trick is that it eliminate all treat foods and you stop over-eating. But once the treat foods are gone, it slowly becomes very depressing.
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              To me low-fat in the context of whole foods Primal diet has a different meaning compared to CW's version of low fat - Lean Cuizine, cereal, skim milk and whole grain wheat, granola bars type of foods.

              I bet most people associate low-fat with the latter.


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                I have to say that I like low fat dairy more than full fat one. I dislike cream, sour-cream and butter, but skim greek yogurt or quark is great. Whole grains are pretty tasty as well, if you actually eat grains, not processed variations... I really like the lean ham as well, probably the only processed product I don't mind.

                I would also eat turkey before I touch bacon (which I found vomit-inducing before primal).

                I dunno, I just can't stand grease on my food, I find I gag on it. Like a little shine is Okay, but if it separates, oi.
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                When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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                  I like bacon.
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                    Originally posted by Gorbag View Post
                    Personally I like to cycle between high proteins, moderate fat, low carb and a diet of moderate protein, high carbs, low fat, and also just staying "steady state" on a diet of high protein, moderate fat and moderate carb.

                    Lyle McDonald on Carbohydrates:

                    Lyle McDonald Interview Part 3 (Carbohydrates) «
                    I am experimenting with mixing it up also. Zig zag of sorts I guess. If I were to settle on something consistent, it would be about a 3 way split. Up to about 40% fat for weight loss. I try to stay around 60 or fewer grams of fat per day. I dont run from fats in things like meat, I just limit the extra fat like the butter on top. But if I see I am topping out, I will make leaner choices.

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                    High fat slows me down. Too high of fat makes me gain (even with low calories - I know, call me weird) I am full though, and full on low calories. I think maybe it might have worked better had I upped the calorie on some days, as well as upping the carbs from time to time.

                    So it might work again sometime. In fact I tried to go high fat with lower the carbs after Thanksgiving, and it worked, but I still was only at 50% fat.
                    65lbs gone and counting!!

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                      While the word moderation is often belittled, I like the balance of not being afraid of fat and still making some lower fat choices. I'll choose leaner cuts of beef and especially leaner ground beef everytime. I'll use butter to fry my eggs, but a half tablespoon rather than just cutting a hunk off.

                      Fat is good. It's brain food, it makes hair and skin look good, it provides energy, etc. But it is extremely dense calorically (that has to be spelled wrong). I wouldn't go back to buying foods only because they were lower in fat, but trying to get 70% of my calories from fat doesn't make me feel good either.

                      I think something that some people don't get is that lean meats that are "95/5" are labelled by weight. A one ounce serving of that beef has 38 calories. It has 1.4 grams of fat, or 12.6 calories from fat. Therefore, the calorie percentage is 33%, and that's really not a low fat food.

                      So, while I'll never go back to non-dairy creamer, artificial mayonnaise, or spray butter, I'm certainly not going to put two tablespoons of real butter in my coffee either. I might if I come back in the next life as a six foot man under 40, though.
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                      Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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                        the trouble with this is interpretation.

                        On a primal/paleo diet, you can be low-fat. You simply have to eat more fruit and veg to be that way. As a poster as pointed out, it's entirely possible.

                        Trouble is, most people watching said news programs are not at all interested in their health to look beyond food guide pyramids and tv news spots about "health." Thus, they are eating a highly processed diet with a lot of transfats, chemicals, grains, and so on. My own ILs are on a "low fat" diet and have been for years (since a family member was diagnosed with heart disease in the 1970s). My SIL is a major low-fat advocate. They eat so much processed and junk food, but they are "right" of course, and we are both wrong and crazy.

                        The real, real trouble for folks comes in when they add "high fat" to this insanity of a highly processed diet. That causes a mess. And a lot of people do it, So cutting the fat (rather than processed) does help them.

                        Better would be to cut all processed, then find the macro-nutrient ratio that works for you. Might be zone in any one of three ways, right? Right.


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                          I didnt read the article but I was trying to think of the words earlier but you guys are saying it. It is one thing to be on a natural lower fat, then trying to emulate a low fat from the highly processed SAD food choices. Like eating a case of Snackwells but telling yourself it is okay because they are Low/No fat or whatever.
                          65lbs gone and counting!!

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                            It's one thing to say, not put butter on your steak. But low fat often gets fully stripped of fat- my old breakfast of tortilla (fat free), egg whites (fat free), salsa (fat free), and a small amount of low fat cheese was ridiculous.

                            I'm all for eating a balanced diet that includes carbs (I do), and more moderate fats. I think I used to run off of like 70%-80% carbs because the more CW low fat also loves the 3 ounce portion of meat. OK, chicken breast.

                            And I think it's a good point- more fit people can eat more carbs, while it seems like low fat just makes a fat person fatter....

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                              The problem is how we associate these terms--high fat, low carb, low fat, etc.

                              There are people who believe that a low carb eating plan MUST be high fat, but before I ever discovered Primal eating, I was trying to lose weight with low-carb eating (Atkins-like) since I'm very, very sensitive to carbs. Then I began having some gall bladder problems, but tests showed no stones or other abnormalities. My GI told me that he'd seen cases like mine, and since eating fat (mayo in my tuna salad) would bring on an attack, he suggested that I simply eat low fat.

                              So for the next year or so, I ate low carb/ low fat--mainly protein and green vegetables--at about 20g of carbs a day, sometimes fewer. I lost well, and since I'm hypothyroid, I have regular blood tests, and my endo does a full panel rather than simply the thyroid hormones. All my lab values were excellent while eating this way--and I felt great.

                              After a year, I was gradually able to add a moderate amount of fat, and although if I should happen to eat a high fat meal, I don't get those attacks, I don't feel well either. I do best with limiting fat.

                              BUT I don't eat low-fat products! I eat whole foods and will use butter to cook my omelet and EVOO in my salad dressing.

                              I read once that 'older' women tend to do better with moderate rather than high fat, and that certainly seems to be true for me (I'm 71). I just get annoyed that people think that because I eat lower fat, I must be eating bread and other starches that is part of the 'traditional' low-fat plans.

                              Despite the sensationalism of the media, we all have to find a WOE that works best for us as individuals to promote our health.