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Gov shuts down oyster farm (produces 40% os US fresh oysters)

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  • Gov shuts down oyster farm (produces 40% os US fresh oysters)

    This is local and in my backyard. Government has ruled to close a farm whose contract goes back 80 years. This is a clean business feeding people and employees quite a few. I have been out there and they run the place with a conscious effort. Absolute disastrous bureaucratic blunder.
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    Yes, I am outraged. I used to support PRNS but I am tired of their heavy-handedness.
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      I'm almost willing to bet that there's an oil well in that area.
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        This means more oysters from china. Yay.

        Baffling that there are people who actually believe the government does more good than bad.
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          I listened to a Heritage food radio podcast a few years ago. Sounded like a great operation. Too bad.
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            I know Drakes Bay, I've spent a fair amount of time hiking around Point Reyes. It seems odd that they're that concerned with the environmental impact of farming oysters when just a little ways south is the highly toxic SF bay.
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