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  • Managing the flu

    I think I have the flu. My fever has been up and down to 102 for the last 3 days. Achy, sore throat, chilled, etc. What can I do to help?

    I have some homemade chicken soup - which I've been eating. I've been drinking hot water with lemon. I've been taking some ibuprofen just to manage the discomfort... already I'm feeling some burning pain from the NSAID but sitting here shivering all day too uncomfortable to sleep, it seemed worth it. Today i didn't take any and my fever is back up to 102 and I feel pretty crappy again.

    I have my Neti pot and need to get some distilled water for it... any other decongestant recommendations? I tried an OTC pill last night since both sinuses were totally clogged and I felt TERRIBLE - painful, dry, burning pain in my sinuses and throat.


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    Theraflu usually helps with my symptoms, and an ice pack for my head helped with the discomfort of the fever, which was the worst part of the flu for me. I was hallucinating and sweating and I found that cooling myself down was the best thing I could do for my comfort.
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      try fasting, and cutting out all supposed cures. that fever is your body's way of fixing whatever is wrong with it. when you take pain killers and eat and everything else to try and get better you are interrupting the body's natural healing process. (if it gets above 104 pack yourself in ice and get to the hospital though)
      a warm shower or bath might help with getting you to sleep. it can certainly relieve some of the cold, and maybe some pain too.


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        I know this is an old post, but I'll share some ideas since I am currently fighting of a cold or something.

        First, you have to do what makes YOU feel better. Get in touch with that. For some people that is a water fast, for others it is broth, and for others it may be BRAT diet. Do what feels good for you.

        For symptoms, I have a few things in my arsenal that work very well:
        1. Allergy ReLEAF - a mix of herbs and vitamins that work together to alleviate congestion. This is expensive, but works great with no side effects.
        2. Fennugreek and Thyme (I have one from Nature's Way). This is a less expensive alternative to #1 above and really clears up congestion in a flash. I find it to be amazing. One catch: It stimulates digestion, so if you have digestive upset, it might not be so good or you might want to make just a tiny bit of tea. B/c it stimulates digestion, it also makes me very hungry (this may not happen for everyone). That may or may not be good, depending on your particular situation.
        3. Eyebright - I use tea b/c that's what I have. Seems to also help with congestion.
        4. Nettle leaf capsules or tea. Great for getting in minerals, especially if you don't have broth handy.
        5. Optional: Chanka Piedra - I make some tea when I'm on the upswing. This helps clear our the liver, gallbladder and kidneys, which can get taxed if you're taking NSAIDs.

        I can't wait to try garlic soup that someone posted here on MDA. It sounds delish and great for healing.

        Hope this helps the next guy!

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          Wow - random that I looked in this forum today... I rarely do

          What came to my rescue with that flu was some Amish "Vicks" vaporub that my mother in law gave me. I googled "Amish Vicks" and found this. No idea what was actually in the jar I have (since it is just in a canning jar)...

          Ingredients:Cedarwood oil, Black Balsaam, Oil of Turpentine, Camphor, Olive Oil, and bees wax.

          I don't know what oil of turpentine is... but I survived and felt sooooo much better with that stuff on my chest. Cleared me sinuses up and let me breath.