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So... did your haircolor change?

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    When I was a kid and spent pretty much every minute of daylight outside in the summer, my hair would be blonde, in the fall it would be a milk chocolate brown... as an adult that's stuck inside pretty much every hour of daylight my hair is often mistaken for black.
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      Well the funny thing is that it never used to bleach in the summer at all - at least not particularly noticeable. I spent a lot of time in the sunlight as a kid and never got more than maybe a slightly lighter streak or to. Last summer however, entire parts of my hair had a vastly different color that it ever had before. And now it is considerably darker than it ever have been, too.

      Interesting to see that so many people share the experience.


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        Dirty dishwater color as usual. Frizzy, thin, fine-textured, does not hold a curl and lately has such bad seborrhea that it was falling out in clumps. And no, I'm very high carb at the moment thank you for your unfounded concern.
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          Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
          No shampoo or anything anymore. Just water. And now my hair is curly! Never had curly hair before Primal!
          Same here re: curliness. Could be a symptom of mercury detox in my case. Mostly curly at the back and a bit wavy at the front.

          I still use shampoo but only need to wash my hair about once every 4-5 days.
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