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What was your wake-up call?

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  • What was your wake-up call?

    Why did you adopt primal? Were you looking for it or did it jump up and knock you on the head?
    Annie Ups the Ante

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    i have always known sugar was bad for me. had to ditch gluten and just couldnt get past how nasty GF grains were. even "properly" prepared ones. i have never liked rice anyways. i dont usually label what i do as primal as i was doing it before i found MDA. so no real wakeup call as such. more a slow slide into this way of being. the stricter i am, the better i feel.


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      I found Mark's Daily Apple looking for low carb recipes... so I guess it jumped up and knocked me on the head.
      Female, age 51, 5' 9"
      SW - 183 (Jan 22, 2012), CW - 159, GW - healthy.

      Met my 2012 goals by losing 24 pounds.
      2013 goals are to get fit and strong!


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        we found it after DH's naturopath said GF, DF. found paleo, came here.


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          So, I'm walkin' along, minding my own life, falling in love with my new city of choice, when all of a sudden the pink slime debacle hits the proverbial fan.

          Pink slime? "Nah," I think, "it's just a bunch of organofreaks making noise." I google. No it's true. I'VE BEEN EATING PINK FUCKING SLIME. Sorry for yelling, but it really pissed me off. I mean really, does everything have to turn to shit? My beloved burger? How f***ing dare they! I used the F bomb quite a bit when I first found out.

          Well, you know Google. One link leads to another. So after about 48 hours of drinking vodka, researching the meat industry, learning about CAFOs, and making myself look at debeaked chickens, I put my head down on the table and drunkenly sobbed, "I'm going vegan...."

          I ate a bunch of rice, beans, and tofu over the next few days, and even tried nutritional yeast as a cheese substitute (tastes like ass). I slept a lot and farted a lot. "Hmmm," I thought, because, though I might not be the brightest bulb on the tree, I do occasionally glimmer a bit, "I don't think sleeping and farting is a very good way to live one's life."

          Besides, I really wanted a hamburger.

          So, I got the idea to google, "negative effects of tofu." (Bring on another bottle of vodka, this is going to be bad.) Somehow, during all of that, I also found out about BPAs. So, let's get this straight:

          -Meat has gone from nutritious to shit.
          -Produce has about 40% fewer nutrients than when our grandparents were alive.
          -Tofu gives you man boobs.
          -The linings of cans are linked to a whole bunch of crap, but there are no definitive studies.

          From there I found Paleo and Primal,* which taught me about grains and legumes. Who'd a thunk that farting from beans was a prelude to an early death?

          So, I guess I should thank the makers of pink slime and that guy who freaked everyone out by showing how the stuff was made, because if the food producers hadn't been such a bunch of greedy MFers, selling us meat that isn't meat, and tuna dipped in soy, corn in just about everything, pus in the milk supply, I'd have just kept bopping along hangin' in my new city without a care in the world.

          *And I went to Whole Foods and bought four pounds of grass fed ground beef.
          "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


          Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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            I've known about paleo for years, but always dismissed it as being silly. I mean, cavemen? Grok? Please. I really started researching it earlier in the year and it made more sense. Ultimately, it translates to clean foods and clean eating, and Primal gives me a little more flexibility. I tried it and it works for me so I think I will stick to the basic principles for the rest of my life. It's not so hard at all for me to eat lots of vegetables and meat.
            F 28/5'4/100 lbs

            "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath; do your research."


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              i was doing weight watchers, then one day i hit the stumble button on firefox and i was brought to a post mark had done on something. i read it, liked it, then read a bunch of his other all made so much sense that i made the switch.


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                I read The Clan of the Cave Bear, which sparked my interest in evolutionary anthropology. Once I started learning about how we're supposed to live and eat, I realized that the way we eat totally goes against nature. I didn't see any logic in continuing a pattern which is obviously so far removed from the way nature designed us. I actually started eating Paleo style on my own, before I realized it was a "thing." I told a friend of mine what I was doing and why, and she was like, "Oh, you mean the Paleo diet? Our boss does that!" So, I looked it up and found my way here.


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                  My dad died of diabetes related illness. He died one week after is 69th birthday. He was 20 when I was born. I decided 20 years more wasn't enough. I started losing weight and getting in shape. I found Mark's Daily Apple when I was googling low carb recipes. I have been eating this way ever since. I lost a bunch of weight and am in great shape!


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                    It was my husband's wake up call, really. He hit 201 lbs and freaked out. He'd heard of the 'caveman diet' and we'd both pretty much laughed at it. But after years of low-fat, boneless chicken breast, whole grains and no butter, bacon or ribeyes, how did we both end up fat and in my case, sick? We'd done everything we were supposed to do. So he hit 201 and went into research mode. We started talking about it and turned up the MDA site. I went into research mode. A couple days later, we decided to do it.

                    Haven't looked back. Only once in 6 months has any kind of flour crossed my lips on purpose. I feel great, look better and my confidence is back. What's not to love?
                    5' 9" 47 YO F
                    PB start June 2, 2012
                    Pre PB SW = 180 (no scale at home, Mom's scale January - 153lbs!)
                    Current deadlift 245 lbs, squat 165 lbs, bench press 135 lbs

                    PB Journal


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                      I was just laying around watching Netflix one day and I found Fathead. Watched it, liked it, started researching low carb. Got linked to MDA from his blog. The before and after pictures in the success stories amazed the hell out of me and the program made sense, so I decided to do it. I'm not a diehard "primal" instead of "paleo" person; I like the concept as a whole, but this was my first introduction to it.


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                        Last year, I had tremendous success early on with Weight Watchers, I dropped from 315 to 263 pounds counting my points and doing an hour of cardio per night. The weight loss was easy for about 4 months and then stalled out. I tried increasing my exercise and weighing everything that I ate but I started gaining weight. At this point, I decided that I was going to cut the bread out of my diet to allow more meat and cheese on my "sandwich", I also ditched eating oatmeal for breakfast and pasta for dinner. With the increased fat and grains limited out, I started losing weight again. Around June, I was searching for bread and grain free recipes and found out about paleo and was lent a copy of Mark's book to read by a friend. I would say that my wake up call was the elimination of grains and the side affects of that decision. Sure, it seemed tough at first but now, I have so much more energy and just feel better all around.
                        Male, 32y, 6'0" tall
                        SW 306lbs (6/1/12)
                        CW 244lbs (1/17/13)

                        BP down from 120/80 to 110/74


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                          I'd gained some weight, felt generally uncomfortable, and was experiencing heart burn. My doctor just gave me pills to try temporarily. They worked for a week, then didn't. She gave me something else that didn't work at all. No effort was made to diagnose the issue. This happened around the same time that she told me to start eating more fiber, so I started to eat oatmeal every morning. My friend runs a paleo site and I remembered her writing about digestive issues, so I figured I'd give it a shot.
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                            Seeing my reflection in a shop window, briefly wondering who the fat woman was...


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                              JoanieL your story was awesome, made me laugh. You have a way with words.

                              I was struggling with my weight and trying to run it off. I had hiked the PCT and it took me a year for my appetite to subside enough to where I could run without going crazy hungry but the weight wasn't coming off so I was unhappy and struggling to keep my calories under control with dry salads, lean chicken breast, starvation rations. Why didn't it lead to weight loss?

                              All these guys on the Barefoot Ted Huarache google group were into paleo. They are an extremely angry, rude and annoying bunch so they were not able to convince me that eating bowls of tallow and cracklin's was anything other than disgusting and ready-made for turning you into an asshole. So I unsubscribed from the group after I got afraid one of the guys might actually stalk my address and kill me or something. They were that insane over there. Definitely a turn-off to paleo.

                              Then I saw Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt's video about LCHF. It made so much sense and he was a nice, gentle man, not an asshole. And not an asshole like Robb Wolff came across to me, or a diet book huckster like Mark came across to me. Plus I could eat tasty food like butter, cream, cheese and salmon. Not just meat and cracklin's, ew how gross. One day of cheese, butter and cream and my insane, out-of-control appetite was completely evaporated. I was sold. I lost weight even without doing any running.

                              I have not lost as much weight as either I thought or had hoped, though. I thought I had lost 30lbs but really I've lost only 20. I think I will always retain a generous layer of fat. I'm now working on strength. Oddly it seems to make the layer of fat I have inconsequential to my self acceptance and self assurance. Yay for weight lifting!
                              Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.