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Why does my skin feel oily?

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  • Why does my skin feel oily?

    I am new to this type of eating regime and I find that my skin feels oily. Is this a sign that I'm doing well or do I need to do something?

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    How new? People's bodies react in all kinds of different ways to dietary changes. It may take some time for things to "normalize". I would imagine oily skin could be a reaction to increased dietary fat, assuming you are eating more now than before.
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      I would imagine that it is due to an increased dietary fat intake. My skin has not become oily since starting primal, but it is considerably less dry than it used to be. So much so, that I haven't used lotion in more than 4 months.
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        Many people who have suffered with dry skin forever find it goes away with primal eating. If your skin was already normal to begin with, then you might tend a little toward the oily but I don't think that is so bad. All the "anti-aging" creams are basically grease of some sort. Primal is like a moisturizer from the inside out.

        NW makes a good point that you should wait a while to see how things shake out as your body adjusts.


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          Thank you for your responses. My skin has usually always been really dry and now that you mention it, I am using less lotion and my psoriasis has diminished so I am very happy.