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A Primal Easter Weekend

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  • A Primal Easter Weekend

    I have the glorious honour of cooking all weekend for a various number of family and friends. My entire weekend menu is 100% Primal (except for the Homemade NY Cheesecake Rose made for Saturday).

    I gave advanced information to all my guests about what the meal plan was going to be and they all were very receptive and interested. I simply put that they would recognize every food item on their plate and there would be no grains and very little dairy (some lovely Greek Feta and some homemade Tzatziki - as well as the non-primal Cheesecake...and YES I am having a slice ).

    It's nice having people who don't feel that they are being "forced" to eat against their usual. Friday went over great (it's hard not to love a Seafood feast). Saturday's mixed Mediterranian grille of meats and veggies will be amazing and Sunday's fresh lamb leg and farm fresh turkey with roasted root veggies, brocolli and salad will be equally appreciated.

    I would suggest that anyone who wants to "explain" the Primal Blueprint to a lot of people in your circle to sign up to cook for the crowd. It's fun (if you like cooking), it's neat (to see how people react) and it's amazing how much people enjoy real food when that is what's on the table!

    Happy Easter to everyone!
    Mike and Family!

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    Good to hear your experience! My friends and family love the primal meals I cook them...they just feel guilty about the amount of fat they're eating. I'm trying to slowly convince them it's not bad.

    We're doing a mostly primal Easter meal tomorrow too: ham, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, cheese/meat plate, etc. I'm seriously tempted to add some lamb into the mix, too.


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      We're not doing anything Sunday, but I am scheduling a visit to the grocery very early Monday morning, when all those lamb legs will be marked down ;-)


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        Nothing like marked down meat to stock up the freezer! I always check the butcher's "free from" section for good deals all the time. It doesn't move that well at regular price


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          I prepared a roasted organic whole chicken with roasted apples, steamed asperagus seasoned with butter, and a plate of aged white cheddar slices (small) and fresh organic strawberries. I also prepared wild rice and blueberry muffins for my non-Primal boyfriend. May he someday see the light.


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            i had an incredibly primal easter!!!!!!!! eggs and salsa in the morning, roast beef while making my side dish(not primal but my family is not PB), and rib eye with vegetable kabobs for dinner!!!!!!

            absolutely wonderful!~

            parents even bought me an expensive 100% caccoa bar!
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