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What if the meat and poultry I eat isn't all grass fed?

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  • What if the meat and poultry I eat isn't all grass fed?

    I've been following the primal eating rules to the letter for the past 3 months and have lost 9kgs. I'm now very close to being within BMI range so wasn't horribly overweight to start, although now feel much better. One issue I have is that all the beef and chicken we eat has to be kosher. I therefore cannot control where I get these foods from. I haven't yet checked but am pretty sure that not all of it would be grass feed. I imagine the chicken, of which I eat a lot, is corn fed at best. The beef could be grass fed but may not be. The question I have is whether eating grain or corn fed meat / poultry is going to significantly affect the benefits of my primal eating? Is it as bad as eating the grains themselves? I would appreciate any information on this. Perhaps it has been covered before in this forum or elsewhere and you can steer me to a link. Thank you - Brad (newbie)

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    I think you will gain benefits just from eating real whole foods. Not everyone has the financial means or even access to grass fed beef, yet they are still living healthier lives than when eating out of boxes.
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      It won't make any difference for weight loss. Grass fed would likely be better for your long term health, though. Either way a huge step up from eating processed and junky food.


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        For non-organic produce: wash, peel, heat.

        For traditionally raised meat products: trim the fat.

        Not all of the pesticides will be eliminated by following those steps, but it will reduce them.

        The standards for Kosher are different than for Organic or grass fed, so unless an item is labelled, it is probably conventionally grown.
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          Any difference is minor and has to do with Omega 3 fatty acids in the fat. You can make up for it by taking fish oil capsules if you really worry that much.
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            Mark always says, "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." Yes grass fed is better but going with all real whole foods is huge step in the right direction.