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Toddler soft-soled shoes for wet weather?

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  • Toddler soft-soled shoes for wet weather?

    Hi All,

    Wondering if any parents out there know of any wet weather appropriate 'soft-soled' shoes that come in toddler size 7 and up? Robeez soft-soles and SoftStars are great for dry summer weather, but are unsuitable for our cold, rainy winters.

    The little guy has been wearing Robeez Mini-Shoez (which are awesome) but they only go up to size 6, and he is about to outgrow them.

    So far, all of the other brands of toddler shoes I have looked at (Pediped, Jack and Lily, Stride Rite, See Kai Run, etc. etc.) have such rigid soles - even though they all claim to be "the next best thing to barefoot." I don't know how these shoes get podiatrist approval for little feet!

    I'm hoping to find something water resistant, with a super thin, flexible rubber sole or laminated leather sole (much like the Robeez MiniShoes).

    Any ideas?

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    I'm still trying to get my 4yo into barefoot shoes (vibrams/skeletoes), but even at size 9 & 10 nothing quite fits yet. Maybe try making your own? Good luck!
    --Trish (Bork)


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      The only stuff I know is supplied in the UK (though my babies stones are made in Canada )

      This shop is great and might ship far, or you could just find stuff you like and try to locate a more local supplier Happy Little Soles

      my 4 year oldis getting somw winter boots from grannie next week
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        Dr. Bork Bork - I wish I had that kind of talent

        Thanks for the link, Tribal Rob! We have lots of family in the UK who can act as shipping intermediaries for us if need be

        Stonz are actually made right here in Vancouver, and we love them! They are fantastic for keeping little feet warm when walking in the snow or being carried in a backpack, but unfortunately they don't hold up too well for a walking toddler's day-to-day wear in the city.


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          My wife found a pattern for DIY Robeez style shoes on pinterst(I think). The idea was that they could be made out of old leather purses. If you were to treat them with some sort of leather boot protectant, like Nikwax, you would have a fairly water resistant shoe (depending on the seams). The some may require some experimentation to be truely waterproof.
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