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  • can't think straight

    hey all, been primal for 4 days now and I can't seem to think straight, I feel really strange, keep making mistakes at work and forgetting what I was doing. Is this normal and will it pass

    thanks in advance Scott

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    You might be suffering from "carb flu," a reaction to giving up whatever it is you've given up. It should pass. Takes longer for some than others. Search for "carb flu" on the main page.


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      Read more: Low Energy and the Primal Blueprint | Mark's Daily Apple

      This might help.
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        Normal. It will pass. Keeping your fats up, and drinking broth or lemon water with a dash of salt in it may help.


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          when I first gave up gluten (not primal though) I spent nearly 2 days in bed and couldnt function. It passed. Hang in there.
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            Did you dive into 'very low carb?' Primal doesn't have to mean low carb. Keep up the primal carbs while you ease into it. Sweet potatoes, potatoes, nuts, fruit, rice, dairy (if you tolerate it). Drink your water. And make sure you're eating enough.
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              Yep, it's normal. Like others have said, we call it the carb flu and it happens usually in the beginning of your primal/paleo journey when you cut out the massive amounts of ingested carbs in a standard American diet. It will pass, can't tell you how long it'll take though.
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                Take a multivitamin too. It helped a lot with me. And be careful driving.