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    Since switching to a higher fat and primal way of eating, my body odor has changed significantly.

    It's STRONG. My sweat smells like, I can't quite place it... paint???! And other areas are much uh, muskier and strong smelling than when I wasn't eating meat or high fat.

    Is this just the adjustment phase for my body do you think? I haven't asked anyone else if they can smell it but to my nose, it's quite offensive

    I'm eating low carb, like 30-60g per day is the average. High fat and protein is usually 100-150g per day. Lots of eggs, some pork, beef and chicken have been my go-to meats so far. I'm one month solid Primal high fat, and 2 months with ending the vegan experiment. I do dairy maybe 2x week.


    I didn't really feel the need to wear underarm deodorant 3 months ago, but now, yikes. I don't know. Maybe a natural deodorizer is in order.

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    Ok I see there are a TON of threads regarding body odor...

    I can't think of what cat pee smells like, never had a cat. I'm not sure what acetone smells like either? Those are the 2 really common comparisons that are brought up.

    But perhaps I'm in ketosis and didn't realize, which is why my sweat is much more pungent and.. it's a paint smell. That's the only comparison my brain will come up with!


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      I've noticed, I don't need deodorant most days and if I do, its due to the fabric (usually Polyester).
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        I think paint smell would be acetone like. You probably are in ketosis. Try a few more carbs and see what that does for you. You can always drop the carbs back down later if needed.


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          Yes the paint/acetone sweat odor is a side effect of being in ketosis. You could either increase your carbs, or if you prefer to keep it very low-carb just wait it out. From what I've read, the smell goes away eventually.


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            I've noticed this too, and it does seem to coincide with when I'm very low carb for a few days.

            Interestingly, SWMBO more often says 'You smell good' during a hug or snuggle on the days when I'm noticing it and think I stink. Not sure what to make of that. I am not complaining.


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              she's been wrangled in by pheromones and luv

              but i read some posts on here that said drinking plenty of water would 'water down' the scent
              yeah you are

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                I knew someone who smelled like that whenever he drank alcohol. Acetone or methyl ethyl ketone type smell. Very strong, not pleasant. It didn't take much alcohol either.

                I don't know anything about his health except he had a kindey removed (medical malpractice as far as I could tell from the story. Doc thought he had cancer, they pulled the kidney then told him, "No, that wasn't cancer, your kidney was fine, sorry for the fuss.")... I have no idea whether those dots are connected in any way shape or form though. He varied from SAD to "zero fat" diets while I knew him.

                Not sure that's actually useful information but at least you know you aren't the only one who has ever smelled like that.


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                  OK thank you! Acetone = paint-like smell. Ketosis it most likely is.

                  Set my mind at ease, and I'm curious if adding more carbs will make the smell tone down or disappear.

                  Thanks again


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                    I notice an ammonia smell on my skin, not necessarily sweat (but is stronger when I sweat) when I'm in ketosis. My husband swears he can't smell it. for delicate "musky" areas, I would suggest coconut oil, no chemicals
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                      I quit grains and my body odor was really bad for 6 months. Its back to normal now and I guess it was detox. Don't know if that is the same problem as yours though.


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                        Originally posted by fateater View Post
                        OK thank you! Acetone = paint-like smell. Ketosis it most likely is.

                        Set my mind at ease, and I'm curious if adding more carbs will make the smell tone down or disappear.

                        Thanks again
                        Yes, it's the same thing that causes "keto-breath" but it is transitional and not pathological.