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Cadbury's invents non-melting chocolate /facepalm

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  • Cadbury's invents non-melting chocolate /facepalm

    Non-melting chocolate invented by Cadbury's - Telegraph

    Or rather, chocolate that melts at 104 degrees F. I don't get it. It won't melt in one's mouth, since normal body temperature is around 98-99 degree range? Food scientists keep fucking with things that shouldn't be messed with.
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    lol... yes chocolate shouldn't be messed with! I have had some pretty messed up chocolate in the past though... When I was in the military and serving with US Marines, we had the field rations that had a chocolate "disk" in some of them. The chocolate was a mixture of parafin and chocolate and it didn't melt in warm weather (which was what they were aiming for I guess)... and being a chocoholic, I ate it anyway cuz crappy chocolate is better than NO chocolate!