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    Originally posted by Twibble View Post
    I've noticed that if I use regular toothpaste, they're sensitive. Even Sensodyne. I'm currently using Earthpaste and loving it. No pain, nothing. My teeth feel cleaner, too.
    +1 for the Earthpaste.
    I used to have sensitive teeth especially with cold drinks. I first switched to a natural toothpaste ala Tom's of Maine and it got better. Now I'm using Earthpaste and I'm going to switch to home made toothpaste. Like coconut oil and baking soda. I'm also flossing more and doing oil pulling. I'm still brushing with an electric brush but I'm also considering going for a soft manual brush.
    I now have zero pain left, and my teeth look healthier. Also I have less plaque on my teeth.

    I think the important factors for healthy teeth are:
    - No sugars (easy on paleo)
    - Use natural toothpaste (or even no toothpaste)
    - Flossing
    - Oil pulling


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      Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
      The one crown that sticks out hurt a lot right away, so much so that I went back to the dentist and he gave me antibiotics (which I didn't take.) Eventually it subsided on its own, but I've never been able to chew anything substantial on that side since the dental work. The sensitivity to cold seems to have been building over time and seems pretty bad now. I don't remember it being so bad at first after the dental work. I always bleed from the gums so I try to be gentle, not that it makes any difference. I didn't even realize my toothpaste was whitening and tartar control. It's Tom's fluoride-free.

      I hate going to the dentist. Grr. I just finally got my bank account back up to where it was before I went to the dentist for all this dental work. Cost me 4 grand. Merry Christmas to the dentist. I hope your kids go to a good college.
      The problem is the sticking out too far not an infection. This makes no sense.
      My main symptom with the new crowns was cold sensitivity. If I would breathe with my mouth open outside on a chilly day (say running sprints) it would be wince worthy.
      This will go away but not until you get the sticking out part sorted. Until then, your bite is not coming together right all over.
      It is the dentist's fault and, if he has a shred of decency and would like to continue having your business, he will fix it for free.


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        Tell that to my gums that have bled since I was a child. In fact, I cannot remember a time when they did not bleed. Oddly, despite all my recent dental work, I have actually gone decades without cavities even on a bad diet and even without regular trips to the dentist.
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          Wow, over 6 minutes to get to the demonstration. They taught us to use tiny movements in elementary school.

          I've decided to use a toothpick every day and see if that helps anything.

          Years ago I had a friend whose brother was a doctor. He believed that tartar served a purpose and it shouldn't be disturbed. It should remain in place. I don't know if he was nuts or not, but that's what he believed.

          I've always had a strong feeling that dentists invent a lot of your problems in order to make more money off you. I feel like that's what this dentist did to me. I went in with a broken tooth. I could have kept all my teeth and just had him fix that one tooth and I would have been better off. I hadn't been to a dentist in 15 years before this and all the cavities he pointed out were invisible to me. They can always see stuff I can't and it makes me wonder if it's ever really actually there. Years ago when I went to a dentist more regularly I never had cavities. I also didn't have insurance so there was less reason to make money off me.
          Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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            Lots of good advice. Make sure you are getting enough vitamin C too, but don't take chewable pills.
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