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It feels like EVERYBODY is paleo / primal today.... Thanksgiving breakfast

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  • It feels like EVERYBODY is paleo / primal today.... Thanksgiving breakfast

    I have 14 people at my house this morning for breakfast.... We went through 4 dozen eggs and 5 packs of bacon... We had bought bagels for the people who eat a CW diet..... we bought 24 bagels, but only 3 were eaten. And we had 2 pounds of smoked salmon, that I smoked myself...... not wild caught, but at least I know how it was prepared. Heck, people are eevn drinking almond milk. ( Though coffee is the #1 drink )

    How was your breakfast? And will you stay on plan all day?
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    Breakfast happened at 12 but I will stay on plan until about 10:30 where I seem to have developed a habit of cashew nuts and drinking chocolate powder.

    Paleo isn't very common in my area. It's almost an underground phenomena and I hope it stays that way because I don't want to have to pay double for my meat.


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      When bacon and eggs are around, everybody turns primal. ha ha! Of course I will stay on plan. Tonight's feast is rack of lamb rather than turkey. We're going backpacking tomorrow so we can't have a bunch of leftovers. I made pemmican for my backpack trip.
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        Lol, sbhikes, that's what I was thinking--of course if there are bacon, eggs, and smoked salmon on the table, bagels are going to look pretty pathetic in comparison. I think on a day-to-day basis, people will avoid the meat and eggs in favour of the bagel because they think they need to be "healthy" and refrain from eating the fatty foods, but on Thanksgiving, they're going to go with the most appealing food, and really, for most people, bagels are pretty much a carrier mechanism for things that actually taste good and not terribly appealing in themselves.

        Anyhow, I hope they left you some bacon, PP!
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