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Variance in Vibram Sizing??

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  • Variance in Vibram Sizing??

    I have two pair of VFF KSOs. They are both mens 41. One pair fits perfectly, and the other pair that I purchased yesterday feels slightly too big..
    Since they're so hard to get a hold of (I had to wait two months for the all black pair to come in), I'm wondering if I should just try to wash them and see if they shrink at all, or should I try a smaller size..hmm..

    I called the store where I purchased them and they recommended coming in a trying the other 41's that they had to see if there were slight variances.

    Anyone else have this issue?

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    I've seen the sizing move around a bit. One thing to be careful of is to make sure you are "slid forward" as much as comfortable before securing the straps.

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      I don't have two pair of KSO's to compare, but there is a difference between my KSO's and Moc's (which fit about the same) and my Trek's, which are a little bigger. I asked about the difference and the store owner told me the Trek's are made a tad bigger to better accommodate socks... All three pair are 45's.


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        There are def variances...check the size chart on the site.


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          Well, I went back to the store, and sure enough, a different pair of 41's fit perfectly. The store owner was really cool about everything and gave me no hassle what-so-ever about the exchange. If you're ever in Escondido, CA stop by Nomad Ventures and give them some business. Nice folks in there.


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            Good to know! I have a pair of classics, and am looking to expand to another pair of KSOs as well, I'll know to beware of this issue now. Thanks!