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Nursing and not losing weight ... Help!

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    Going primal does not guarantee weight loss. And the idea that men lose weight faster than woman is untrue. You need to look at how many calories you are eating relative to your weight. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore


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      Your body is in a different physiological role right now: providing nutrition for you and the baby. For me, 9 months was the hardest time with my second child. He did not sleep worth a damn, and I was stuck at 10 lbs over prepregnancy weight. Once he began sleeping through the night, the majority of that weight came off. However, I stayed about 3-5 lbs over prepregnancy until he weaned at 18 months. Same with my first. Once they weaned, then the weight came off.

      Be patient with yourself. I would eat to satiety with healthy foods, and stay away from the junk, including the paleo baking/nut flour stuff. Your body will take what it needs, and over time you will gradually shift.

      And yes, men do lose weight faster. Particularly compared to a woman who is postpartum and nursing. Women's hormones are all over the place, prolactin is high, estrogen/progesterone may or may not have returned to pre-pregnancy levels, cycles are absent or irregular, and many women need an increased fat percentage to maintain healthy milk supply.

      Also, FYI even though my weight went down to prepregnancy, my build is different. Particularly, I have the oh so attractive fat deposits on shoulders, upper back, arms. I am having to work diligently to get rid of those.


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        Unicorn: that's how mine was! Bizarre, right?


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          "amiana I've actually heard that breast feeding is supposed to help you lose the pregnancy weight, have you been tracking your calories?"

          This is a common misconception, perhaps it helps a little in the beginning, but from what I have read and my experience with extended nursing it is not true for everyone. Every woman is different and a mix of hormonal issues, sleep deprivation and actually not getting enough calories can make you store extra fat to make sure you have enough fuel to properly nourish your baby. My daughter will be 2 this month and breastfeeds for about 50% of her daily food intake (she also wakes every 2 hours throughout the night). I have been paleo/primal for 2 years (gluten and dairy free before that) and have not been able to lose they baby weight at all. I am confident that when she self weans, it will be easier to shed some pounds. Like OP said, "I just want to be healthy for my son (daughter) and myself. As long as I have started on this path, when the nursing is all said and done I will already be in the habit."
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            Sorry for your frustrations! And kudos to you for nursing your little one. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to obsess about counting calories. Having the freedom to EAT is what works for me, not limiting myself. That's why eating primally works for me, among all the other health benefits.

            My nurse practitioner shared with me that most of the studies that say that women lose more weight while breastfeeding are based on the typical American woman who breast feeds for three months or less, and that most women who breastfeed longer can tend to hold on to weight. So don't feel bad if you aren't shedding the pounds like crazy.

            Also, you are sleep deprived, and as you know, lack of adequate sleep can be a biggie. I second cosleeping and napping while the baby does if you can!

            Lastly, pregnancy and lactacting can really reduce vitamin D stores. Have you had your levels checked? You may need to boost your supplementation as I know winter time is not the best to lay out in the sun