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    I either use Grandma's Lye soap from Remwood Products (hey soap made with lard can't be all bad) or Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap. I like to use the peppermint soap in the summer.
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      I use Purell after I pump gas cause I hate that smell but that's it. It's really drying to the skin.
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        I generally agree, though I do sometimes use antibacterial gel when I work. But my work isn't exactly normal.

        I'm out in all parts of the city, touching things that have been crapped on by diseased pigeons, handled by bums that just took a dump 3 feet away in the corner of the alley and wiped with an old sock, and grabbed by people that hacked up a lung 30 seconds prior. So I'm a bit more exposed to the scary stuff than the average guy.

        But even with all of that, I won't use it unless I have a really good idea that I've got a whole lot all over me and I'm about to eat something with my hands. I'm not comfortable getting rid of every germ on the planet, and I feel like more exposure makes my immune system stronger. But still... I'm also not comfortable eating a piece of cheese covered in the bum poop bugs that are all over my hands.


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          I have to use had sanitizer at work, but it doesn't have triclosan, just alcohol and a few stabilizers. I still don't like it. I'm a fan of leaving bits of food in my frying pan and reanimating it later with the next day's meal.
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            I use soaps. I don't think they're too effective, and honestly I have better things to think about than soap. I'll avoid taking antibiotics but as far as soaps go, I think they're useless and harmless enough.
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              I have to avoid antibacterial products because of an anaphylactic reaction to chlorhexidine (even topically applied). So we just use normal soaps in our house.