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  • Not only Britain then ...

    We've had a recent spate of arrests and accusations -- some of them quite wide of the mark -- for sexual offences over here. Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter seem but the tip of the iceberg. The guy at the top of the BBC has had to go amid really fishy claims that he knew nothing. The former head, who was in position much longer and therefore has more inaction to account for is now hoping no-one at the New York Times, where he's the prospective editor, cares much about that kind of thing.

    This morning I open Google News and find that Elmo of Sesame Street is accused of sexual offences -- oops, offenses, I mean. That'll be for the courts to decide. But Elmo! What next? Grand theft auto from Big Bird? Miss Piggy arrested for performing a sex-act on Kermit in a public place?