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Ouch! Leg Cramps!

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  • Ouch! Leg Cramps!

    I have been having leg cramps in both calves every morning around 4:30. I am taking potassium for this; I don't know the milligrams, as I didn't keep the bottle. The cramps are in exactly the same spot in both legs. If I get a cramp on the inside of my left calf, it is on the inside of my right calf, too. If it is on the outside of the right, it is on the outside of the left.

    The big problem is that these cramps wake me up, and I can't get back to sleep, so I am exhausted lots of days.

    I have lost 20 pounds since June by going primal. I have energy for the first time in my life (when I can get enough sleep), and I have completely eradicated the daily low blood sugar attacks I used to have. I thank God every day for the primal diet and all it has done for me.

    Now if I can just get some sleep........any suggestions?

    Johanna Anderson

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    Magnesium helps some people with cramping issues.


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      It used to happen to me in the beginning when I was eating very low-carb. As you already supplement with potassium (I'm not sure what the benefits of that vs. eating avocado or banana would be), the only thing I would suggest is taking in more salt. I believe leg muscle cramps sometime are a symptom of electrolyte imbalance.


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        I second the magnesium! I had the same problem and was getting plenty of potassium (love avocados ). Morning leg cramps were starting to drive me nuts and then I started getting rib cramps. I upped my magnesium (chelated) to 800mg before bedtime and now they're gone. They come back if I forget to take it.
        Just remember not to take the magnesium with Vit D (if you use it) at the same time.
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          Drink more water and if necessary put a bit of sea salt in it.

          Got that tip from Dr. Michael Eades who had been suffering from leg cramps. I tried it myself and since I have upped my water intake the cramps are gone.


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            I have had toe and leg cramps since I was in HS and still growing. Potassium, bananas, and water NEVER worked for me.

            800 mg Magnesium works for me in 20 minutes if I am having bad cramps. I also like to take 800mg nightly to prevent them. You may want to start with 250-400mg as it can cause diarrhea and keep adding until you stop having cramps. Went VLC 2 weeks ago and had a killer calf cramp middle of the night. Added magnesium back in a few nights ago, no more cramps!
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              Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely try the magnesium. Drinking more water would be problematic, though, because I would just have to get up in the middle of the night to pee! Once I wake up, that's it.

              Kymma, congratulations on your progress! Keep up the good work.


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                Magnesium, a bit more salt and check you don't have leg/foot issues. I have been cramping up in my left calf due to having a damaged right ankle so the left has been over working. And then the right cramps due to the ankle. Been having massages and lots of stretches which has helped.


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                  I also have been suffering with leg cramps lately too. Mine are 99% in my right calf and wake me up. Although a nuisance I have learned to relax my calf muscle and ride it out for the duration which is usually less than 5 minutes. Funny thing my right calf is always sore like they have worked out every day. I'll take the advice given here and see what happens.
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                  I can't wait to meet my abs for the first time in my life. We gotta lot of catching up to do.

                  I love this way of eating and hope to be able to help others.


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                    Two steaming mugs of beef bouillon daily solves the problem. Just buy the little packages at the grocery store. I keep a stock at work and at home. I have a steaming mug in the morning and one in the evening and rarely cramp now. Agree with other posters about magnesium.
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