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Hair Falling Out On the Paleo Diet???

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    You might want to have your TSH tested; anything over 1 is hypo. Have some carbs and use coconut oil as your main fat.


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      Hi JonOhJay, there are various reasons for causing this problem like lack of protein rich diet, strong medications, infections, hormones or also not washing your hair properly. The first step that you can easily try in your home is that you should take a balanced protein rich diet. You can also try out some herbal remedies that will also help you take care a lot. If these problems continue for a long time then you should try some drastic methods. I had also faced such an incident in the past and when I check online, I found an article that related to baldness that helped me a lot in taking proper remedial steps.


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        Originally posted by Derpamix View Post
        It's not pattern baldness unless the hair follicles miniaturize and don't grow back.
        I had that going on in high school. My hairline is pretty steady now, but I could really care less.
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          I read that excess selenium could also increase hair loss (?).


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            Not to worry - it'll get better

            Originally posted by JonOhJay View Post
            6 months in the Paleo diet, and I'm starting to find at least 20-30 strands fall out after blow-drying my hair...
            I have no idea why this is happening...
            I started out at 20 years old, 5 foot 8, 149 lbs and now 20 years old, 5 foot 8, 128 lbs.
            Now, I wasn't necessarily fat to begin with but I have lost a significant amount of weight without trying.
            I've cut out all grains besides the occasional quinoa.
            But I can see myself balding- it's scaring me.
            Has this happened to anyone else?

            I had the same problem after losing a lot of weight in the short time. I freaked out as well and went to all sorts of researches. Because before I lost weight I really had beautiful, long and thick hair - a pride of mine actually. So what it all came down to - it is simply reaction to a stress your body is experiencing with such a rapid weight loss. For me - vitamin complexes (designed for strengthening hair and nails) helped - or at least I think so - might be simply the fact that my body got over the weight loss drama (after about 4 months of hair falling out) and got back to the normal routine of dropping 5-10 hairs a day.

            The other thing that might help getting over it - is cutting your hair shorter. It is more of phycology though - 20 long hairs in your palm look scarier than 20 shorter ones But then it'll give you less stress and your body will recover quicker.

            For me I still donít have the hair as thick as they used to be, but I am seeing a lot of new hair growing - so I will just give it a time.

            Take care!
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