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Kidney function and the primal way of eating

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  • Kidney function and the primal way of eating

    Hi everyone, my dad has a high reading as regards to how the kidneys are filtering protein and other things in the body. I don't know too much about these readings but he says that his kidney function is normal yet these readings contradict the functioning of the kidneys? However if the kidneys aren't functioning efficiently like healthy kidneys, is that a problem going primal? I have the recipe books as I ordered the 3 book deal. I have read that if you don't have healthy kidneys it can lead to further problems such as kidney disease and gout and so on due to the high protein relating to Uric acid? Can anyone advise me on this subject as I would like to help my dad out

    Many thanks!

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    I can't address anyone's individual situation directly.

    As a general comment I would say that while "official paleo" is a high-protein diet -- anything up to 35% of calories as protein -- this version of the diet is not. Mark's Primal Blueprint suggests something like from 0.7 to 1 gramme of protein per pound of lean bodymass -- which is much more in line with what most low-carbs diets (such as the current version of Atkins) recommend.

    What's best for anyone to do would obviously be up to them after they'd discussed the matter with their doctor. But if one requirement for any particular diet is that it should not be high-protein, then the Primal Blueprint is OK on that score anyway, and I guess the daily protein intake could be adjusted down a little more easily enough -- it would just mean more fat and/or carbohydrate.


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      Do a search on MDA - I remember a while ago someone posting that her Dad needed a kidney transplant and that she would have to be the donor. She convinced her dad to try primal eating (with much flack from her sister who was not even to be effected by all of this) and he improived so much that he no longer needed the transplant. Giving up a kidney would have had major implications on her effecting her ability to have children and future medical insurance. Plus her dad's insurance would only cover the anti rejection drugs for a few years and then he was on his own and they are majorly expensive (>$1000/yr if I remember). It was a great and moving story.


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        Practical Paleo might be a good source of information for you. Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle: Diane Sanfilippo, Bill Staley, Robb Wolf: 9781936608751: Books

        I saw this book in real life at the bookstore. It's a gorgeous book, full color, lots of illustrations. It helps you find the right approach if you have individualized problems.
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          Thanks for the replies guys! All helpful!