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Primal changes: did it cause you to make other changes

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  • Primal changes: did it cause you to make other changes

    I'm curious if switching to the PB lifestyle resulted in anyone making other shifts in their lives, such as career, relationships, or where they live.

    Or. . .did other changes in your life lead you to PB?

    I know it's not uncommon for formerly overweight or unhealthy people to want to become personal trainers or nutritionists, but how many actually do it? One thing I've considered is that while I'd like to make some career changes (not training or nutrition) that sync up with my interests in health and medicine, those particular changes would probably cause a big decrease in the time I was able to dedicate to my own family and wellness and would result in less sleep, more stress, etc.

    Outside of changing my career, I live on 10 acres & would easily have room for some chickens or a garden, but would it be more trouble than benefit when I already have a hard time juggling my life?

    The flip side of my argument is that when you're doing things you enjoy, you have more energy and less stress, so maybe I am not considering all the pros in cons in my decisions.

    So, if any one has a personal story about life changes beyond the PB, please do share!