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Solo Primal on Second Shift

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  • Solo Primal on Second Shift

    I might have asked this before but could not find out of I had, so I will ask again.

    My living situation has changed to where I am now cooking just for myself.

    My question is for those who cook for themselves and work a second shift job.

    How do you cook for such a situation?

    Right now I generally throw together a salad, grab a can or two of sardines or tuna and go. Some times I make something that morning such as Thai Kitchen's green or red curry box kit (really good btw).

    Just finished a pulled pork in my slow cooker with a straight Old Bay Seasoning rub. Really good as well.

    Wanted to pick the brains of others for ideas.

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    U work a 5am to 2pm shift and plan on doing what you've done and use my slow cooker. I bought the Paleo slowcooker cookback. Right now I've been grabbing a rotis' chicken from the store, bag of lettuce mix and a bag of apples. I do all my work meal prep the night before, so all I have to do is throw the ice pack in my lunch bag, toss all the food in, zip it and go.

    I've taken sardines a salad and fruti in fro lunch too. I think you're on the right track, keep it simple that covers your needs. I take extra meat and fruit in for my breakfast meal, it pays to have extra so temptation doesn't creep in. I have scavenged meat from sandwiches in the cold food machine and tossed the bun--that's been on days I'm hungry between my two meals.


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      I bought the Paleo slowcooker cookback.


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        This might not be of any assistance, but I work 3rd shift (10P - 6A) and I never eat during work hours. I eat 1 or 2 big meals a day and feel great the rest of the time.
        I wish I liked to eat liver.


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          Originally posted by jumperdono View Post
          I bought the Paleo slowcooker cookback.
          Got a review worked up for this?


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            I like to cook for the week on my day off. I'll make a couple pounds of chicken... maybe a pork roast... and possibly a crockpot dish. That way all my meat is cooked. All I have to make is a salad and/or veggie and I'm ready to go. Saves me a lot of time during the week and keeps me from hitting fast food.


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              Well, my situation changed, for better and worse. Still working second shift but recently moved into a sleeping room with only a mini-fridge and a microwave.

              Fortunately I had a small crock pot, and with Yule upon us I was able to ask Santa for a rice cooker/steamer and a coffee pot and was gifted a Foreman grill. So my cooking end of things are set but the lack of fridge/freezer space is a challenge.

              My solution, so far, is to work up a meal plan for the week and since I drive by a grocier daily, I can stop in and buy what is needed for the next day, cook it night before and it's ready for the next day and with left overs I can eat them the next day. Glad I am not one who gets bored with leftovers. I just need to get a light timer to set so I can put things together before I hot the sac and in the middle of the night it will kick on. Thai Kitchen's curry kits work great with a crock pot and steamer.

              Tried my hand at crock pot hard "boiled" eggs. For those not aware, you take your eggs, place them in the crockpot with no water. Turn it on high and wait 3 to 4 hours. I did four but will cut back to 3.5 next batch, a few had discoloration but no sulfur taste.