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  • Don't Vote!

    Phil Maffetone, - Don't Vote!

    What do you think? Does your no vote count?

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    I have zero faith in either presidential candidate. I will vote though... I do care about several of the proposals on the ballot.


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      if you don't vote, don't complain.


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        Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
        Phil Maffetone, - Don't Vote!

        What do you think? Does your no vote count?
        I'm not sure the author of that piece really gets to the heart of the matter. To me, voting is all about consent. If you vote, you are giving your implicit consent not only to the process, but to the government itself. That's why i don't vote. I don't give my consent. I recognize the "authority" of the cretins in Washington only to the extent their violence demands it. Voting simply gives them a veneer of legitimacy. It gives the impression their rule is based on something more than violence, coercion, and theft. Government loves it when you vote. Stop playing their game.


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          Your vote doesn't matter. If it comes down to the wire then the Court decides who will be president anyway.

          Actually, as a non American, its easy to see that Obama and Romney are interchangeable, as were Bush and Obama.
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            Originally posted by WeldingHank View Post
            if you don't vote, don't complain.
            Amen to that. I vote because I want to retain my right to be whiny.
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              I used to believe that, but after the Gore/Bush fiasco, I stopped voting. It's obvious that the people who control the machines just stick in whatever puppet they want. When one Prez left office and we had a budget surplus, they stuck in an R. When we were back in the dumper, they stuck in a D.

              I used to feel so good about being part of voting. Now I feel like a schmuck for ever believing it mattered.
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                Different system in this country, but still as big a bag of gonads. I can never vote for a party that I really support as they don't field a candiate, I can't register a protest vote or write 'non of the above' on my paper as it just isn't recorded so would be meaninless. I have a freind that is convinsed that if the turn out is low enough the whole election will be viod and have to be run again, but I can find nothing to confirm this is the case for political election (trade unions yes, but not actaully politics).

                So I vote as there is nothing to be gained from not voting, I used to vote for the Lib Dems, but after the coelition govenment I can never do that again, so no idea what I will do next election.
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                  Actually, either way, I'll be able to say "I didn't vote for that asshole".

                  Bush = Obama = Romney = Interchangeable.... yup, I buy that. Henceforth known as "Robamush"

                  No president has run a "surplus", at least not since 1913 and they won't anytime soon. Fiat currency provides all the wrong incentives, urging you the government to spend money you don't have. In the end, the debt you incur will be inflated away. Even if you pay the "dollar amount" with interest, the value you pay is a fraction of that you borrowed. Bubba Clinton, in his best year, still ran an $18B deficit. This information is readily available at for anybody who just doesn't think it could be so.
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                    I just read a good article on this subject on Lew Rockwell. I will not vote because the person I would vote for is Gary Johnson and the only way I could vote is at the US embassy in Cairo. I'm not going to jump through those hoops to vote for someone who, while I respect, has no chance of winning.

                    But I have voted for a president since Perot ran and I voted for him. Yep, crazy as a bedbug but at least not part of either party.

                    Here is the article I just read:

                    Voting Is Violence by Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

                    From the article:

                    Once one has the office, and is vested in the myth and the mystique and the moral validation that go with it, he or she cannot only torment, torture and kill other people, he or she can make the laws that validate the agony and slaughter he or she is pouring down on others. Hitler did nothing illegal, which is why U.S., England, France and Russia had to create the trumped-up ex post facto law – so called crimes against humanity – to convict and kill Hitler’s cabinet and military officers. Hitler saw to it that everything he did was legal by simply creating the laws he needed to legalize what he wanted to do. A contemporary local example of this process would be the Patriot Act in the United States.
                    I will not vote. I refuse to participate in a corrupt system. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.
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                    Originally posted by texas.grok
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                      Take the time and educate yourself, and choose the best you can.
                      Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
                      I distrust the electronic machines without paper backup that they have in my district, so I make the time to go to the county office where I can vote on paper. I don't just sit on my hands and wail that the system is corrupt.
                      Do what you can to make it less corrupt.


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                        I am not a US citizen but I always participate in the elections in my own country even though I don't live there. I have always considered voting as a vote against my least favourite candidates - there are always some total dummies in our elections.
                        However if there were only two options and both would be acceptable for me to the same level, I would not bother voting.


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                          "if you don't vote, don't complain."
                          As someone else said, it's really quite the opposite of that.

                          How can YOU complain, if you participated in the farce of 'elections'?

                          1. Your vote won't make any difference TO YOU. Your tax burden and other such things are not going to change based on your single vote.

                          2. Your vote won't make any difference in general. If it really did it would be 'illegal'.

                          3. Voting just encourages them.

                          4. Even if you find someone you agree with on 100% of the issues (which you won't), they're lying anyway. Always have done.

                          5. By voting you are condoning a system that is barely one step beyond monarchy, itself just one step beyond slavery. Slavery has virtually died out now, monarchy is fading and eventually so will this whole "government" thing (which is basically the threat of violence wearing a uniform and wrapped in a flag). Why keep it going?

                          6. It costs you time, effort and money. How hideously sad it would be if you were involved in a traffic accident, just to 'vote'?

                          7. If you DO vote, people tend to ask 'Who for?' Far better to simply reply "None of them."

                          8. Ron Paul has retired, therefore the one and only good reason for voting is no longer relevant.



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                            Stop pretending voting is all about the Presidential elections. Don't believe your vote counts at the national level? Fine. Don't vote for people at the national level.

                            At the local level, though, your vote does count. Sometimes drastically. Vote local. Better yet, run for local office.


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                              I think your vote does matter. I don't think the lack of a vote is noted at all. But I wish two things would happen:
                              1. A ban on ALL election advertising. Have the candidates and the people behind the propositions mail a single pamphlet detailing why you should vote yes and be done with it. If you can't state your case persuasively in one single piece of mail, then forget it.
                              2. We could get some outside monitoring of the US election. I think with the Diebold machines and the scare tactics in ghetto neighborhoods and all the other shenanigans we're to the point we need someone outside to come in and ensure our elections are fair and honest.
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