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Female hair loss with Primal lifestyle

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    Originally posted by EyeOfRound View Post
    Because of the timeline, I suspect it's a case of telogen effluvium. 3-9 months after a stressful event in life (which in your case, could've been switching to primal, it IS a shock for the body, after all), your hair will often fall out. The hair growth cycle arrests during the stressful event and then some months later, the follicle will enter the loss phase. On the upside, the hair regrows healthy.
    I went through this after my surgery, even though I was never the type of person to lose hair when I was stressed out and I had certainly gone through some very stressful things (being homeless, 3 FT jobs, etc). I was losing clumps, but realistically, only my hairdresser and myself noticed. The hairdresser only knew because she could see two very obvious tiers in my hair.
    2.5 years later, my hair is totally normal. Assuming your derm visit is uneventful, your hair will likely restore itself in a few months.
    Interesting about the stress factor, I noticed this morning that I had lost a heap of hair in the shower and it coincides with me leaving my husband just over 3 months ago. Will have to keep an eye on it thou.