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  • What is going on?

    For the past three or four months, I haven't really ate any raw foods - I've cooked all my veggies. Today, I tried to eat some raw salad and I have no clue what is going on - my entire mouth feels itchy, swollen, and like sandpaper was rubbed around inside!

    WHAT is going on? Is my mouth not used to the food anymore, or is there some sort of reaction going on?
    feel free to take a look at my journal!!

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    Sounds like you're allergic to something in the salad. I'm allergic to certain things when raw, but can eat them cooked (e.g. I'm allergic to raw hazelnuts, but can eat them just fine roasted or in chocolate).


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      Yes sounds like an allergic/sensitivity reaction, either there was something on the salad that you reacted to, or one or more of the ingredients was a trigger.

      What was in the salad - there may be something that is quite commonly causes a reaction that someone could point out.
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        Sounds like a reaction to me. I can't eat cilantro-- it tastes like soap to me and it also makes my mouth itch and burn. Strangely, there are some bagged salad blends that contain this wretched herb.