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What did you have for LUNCH today?

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    I'm home today so I made a curry for an early lunch. It had kale, pumpkin, chicken breast with skin, onion and dessicated coconut. I also had a couple of mouthfuls of white rice which I was cooking for my son to have after school. Curries are great for transporting. To prevent spillage you can make a dry curry, or even a dry curry salad.
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      Originally posted by Heth View Post
      ...To prevent spillage you can make a dry curry, or even a dry curry salad.
      Heth, how do you make a dry curry? I love curry!


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        I've had my children home for half term, so my lunches are a little different to usual - and my husband has been working locally and needing a packed lunch, too (which is also unusual - but it's amazing how much weight he's lost after being stealthily primal for 2 weeks, with another 2 to go ). So, yesterday I made my husband some carrot and coriander soup in a flask for lunch, with a cold pork chop to go with it. Today he's had watercress and coconut soup, with leftover beef and red pepper stew and a slice of a "primalised" plum torte I made for a dinner party last night. Yesterday I fed myself and the children a huge chicken stir-fry, with loads of ginger and garlic. Today the butcher was selling chickens very cheaply, so we had roast chicken with cauliflower mash, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

        Normally, though, I might just have a bowl of soup if I feel hungry, but am more inclined to have a good breakfast and then supper in the evening and just not bother with lunch.


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          Chicken Caesar salad minus the croutons but with lots of chicken, lettuce, boiled egg and parmasan - yummy!


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            Grass-fed ground beef stroganoff over cauliflower rice.



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              Chicken-liver pate (home-made last night: with softened butter on top and carrot sticks and unripe avocado slices to dip into it!

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