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How Paleo/Primal Made Things Better Thread.

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  • How Paleo/Primal Made Things Better Thread.

    OK, this is for people to list ways they feel better since going Primal/Paleo.

    For example:
    -I am happy with my figure and have come to terms with my fat: a woman needs some fat on her for health. No more panicking, no more pinching my fat in front of the mirror. It's mine and I don't mind.
    -I'm loving my own body in general.
    -I know what I can and can't eat and don't have to fret over "magic numbers" ("five a day", "2000kcal", "50g fat"...).
    -Although I like the way I am, if nature makes me a bit thinner, fatter, more muscled, more tanned... next month, I won't fret, because my body is doing what nature intends and, if it needs anything (more food, less sugar, more rest, less walking...) it will TELL me and I will LISTEN.
    -I don't think I'll ever think about "going on a diet" ever again.
    -I feel slightly smug when IFing over lunch and I see other folks having deli "healthy options" sandwiches and diet sodas, because I know my option's healthier.
    -I feel stronger and more energized.
    -I care about and pay attention to what I put in my mouth, "obsessing" to a point where food has become a genuinely pleasurable, fun experience again.
    Perfection is entirely individual. Any philosophy or pursuit that encourages individuality has merit in that it frees people. Any that encourages shackles only has merit in that it shows you how wrong and desperate the human mind can get in its pursuit of truth.

    I get blunter and more narcissistic by the day.
    I'd apologize, but...

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    I have gotten better about my self image.
    I can do sets of pull ups with a minimum rep of 8 without any assistance
    My knees and joints don't hurt (Specifically arthritis in my thumb, which went away after 14 days of going primal)
    I love eating meat and butter again
    I like that I don't have to eat to have energy

    In a way, the Primal Blueprint has freed me from a lot of the stresses of life.


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      ~strength gains. I'm now doing things I've never done before - full situps, military pushups, climbing trees (or swingsets or rock walls at the park).
      ~no brain fog. I only get brain foggy when I've had a wheat exposure.
      ~little to no joint pain. Again, I only get flareups if I've accidentally ingested wheat, and rarer if the weather changes and I had higher carbs than normal the day before.
      ~I also love the freedom that I can just eat and not worry about numbers or whatever.
      ~increased energy
      ~Honestly, I do love my new body shape. I have always considered myself average, wearing a size 10 pretty much as long as I can remember, until we lost our 4th son shortly after birth in 2007, when I gradually went up to a size 14. After our 6th son was born, I quickly shrank down to a 10 for quite a while, then had another shape change where I went down to my current size, 4. I'm actually getting a little vain about it. But, I'm not concerned if my weight fluctuates or even if my shape changes, as long as I'm eating clean.
      ~Hair and nails - both are growing out so strong and beautiful, which I have always struggled with before.
      ~wife and mother

      Started primal a month before the end of my pregnancy with P who is now 1. Went from a size 14 down to a size 4 in less than a year. Now sitting at 20-21% body fat, a solid 130 pounds, and 5'9". Feeling better than ever before, and able to run around and chase my 5 little boys who range in age from 14 months up to 11.5 years old.


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        I like the strength gains too - body recomposition is slowly but steadily happening. But I can now do all 36 pushups in my weight class from my toes and can hold tight planks without breaking, which is awesome.

        And food is just a lot more fun to eat. I skirted around being vegetarian for a couple of years and felt like crap. It's nice eating meat with real fat and not worrying about weight gain, just enjoying how awesome it tastes. And if good food isn't available, because I've also become really picky about the quality of what I'll eat and feed my family, I can easily skip a few meals and still feel good.


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          Mostly a sense of well-being that I have a greater understanding of the hows/whats/whys of the food available to me and how the choices I make affect not only my health, but in a smaller way, my whole community.
          "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


          Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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            - mood improvement: feel happy all the time
            - energy improvement: feel energetic all the time
            - confidence: both from the strength training and also it's nice to not have fear that if you eat this you will wake up fatter tomorrow
            - empowered: because this actually worked, I finally see I do have some control over the outcome of my life, that I can take a step, make a change and have it WORK.
            - self acceptance and love: I wasn't dealt a shitty hand. I'm pretty damn awesome.
            - weight loss
            - strength gain
            - I can eat massive amounts of food without guilt
            - I can eat (nearly) raw steak with lip-smackin' gusto
            - I've always wanted to eat healthier and it never stuck until I gave up grains and sugar
            - learned to cook, especially learned how to cook meat
            Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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              I haven't really been sick in a very long time. Other than the occasion belly ache or headache..I mean like the flu, or strep or sick, sick! I had a sore throat Sunday and Monday but its gone, I just kept drinking water! I think water can cure anything!
              Health is Wealth!


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                *Changed from 210 to 145 from a size 16 to a 6
                *My knees don't hurt anymore
                *My feet and ankles don't get puffy
                *Chronic sinus congestion is gone
                *I haven't been sick in years
                *Guilt free enjoyment of foods I love such as steak, butter, pate, brie, cream
                *No need to force myself to eat things I don't like like tasteless "heathywholegrains" and mounds of salad every day
                *I figured out that offal isn't so awful, it's actually wonderful
                *I learned how to make bone broth
                *Hunger is no longer a panic-y feeling, just a notification from the stomach department
                *I can hike all day without taking snacks with me
                *I look and feel better at 50 than I did at 40
                *I don't fear the coming years because I will be healthy and able to enjoy them
                *Energy levels are steady, no up and down swings
                *Clear headed and ready to go in the morning


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                  Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
                  *Guilt free enjoyment of foods I love such as steak, butter, pate, brie, cream
                  Breathe. Move forward.

                  I just eat what I want...


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                    Another one of mine (a ladies' problem): Menstrual pains all but gone. I usually had two bouts of cramps a day. Month 1: none. Month 2: a few light 'uns. Month 3: two bouts in the whole 6 days!
                    Perfection is entirely individual. Any philosophy or pursuit that encourages individuality has merit in that it frees people. Any that encourages shackles only has merit in that it shows you how wrong and desperate the human mind can get in its pursuit of truth.

                    I get blunter and more narcissistic by the day.
                    I'd apologize, but...


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                      Originally posted by CelloIsLove
                      -Overall sense of well-being, mentally and physically.
                      -Armpits stink less.
                      -I get to eat bacon and not feel guilty.
                      -My belly doesn't chronically ache anymore.
                      -Less gas!
                      -Skin is less oily. So is hair.
                      -Almost no sugar cravings. And a strong reminder to avoid it when I do give in.
                      -Easier pregnancy. Not perfect, but more manageable than my last.
                      -Easy to feed the husband and I. He's not fully primal, but I just feed him primal foods. No complaints, because it's still all the good stuff.
                      -A better understanding of the human body and our spiritual connection with our roots and nourishment.
                      -Better fitness!
                      -Stronger nails.
                      -More stamina.
                      -Clarity of mind.
                      -Better eyesight, no longer blurry.
                      -Fewer mood swings (pregnant or not)
                      -Fewer illnesses.
                      -No carb bloat.
                      -No morning grogginess.
                      -Trying out new foods.
                      -Knowing that grass-fed beef tastes so much better.
                      -I put my obese pet rat on a low carb diet and he's healthy as a horse. Odd one, I know.

                      I know there are a million more. I'm excited to see what others have seen improve in their lives too :]

                      Is there anything in particular you did for eyesight? Or is it jus the diet itself that did it? How long did it take to get it back?

                      Sorry for the questions, but If it really does help I want to know


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                        Just started, 3 days in, but I am already sleeping better


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                          -I sleep better after following the advice in TPB.
                          -I've tried a whole host of new vegetables and meats.
                          -I've cooked a lot more.
                          -I've been much more discerning about what I buy in the shops.
                          -I've enjoyed fat without feeling guilty about it.
                          -I've identified 'foods' that made me feel like crap afterwards - previously I would have just written such instances off as random occurrences.
                          Meat is Prized, Wheat is Despised.

                          Real Food - The REAL staff of life


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                            Oh, great thread!

                            + 98 lbs gone
                            + Down six pants sizes
                            + Less pain in knees and feet - it's going away very slowly, but it's going.
                            + Feel great almost all the time. Someone in the elevator yesterday told me, "You're so smiley lately!" It's true. I'm always walking around feeling awesome.
                            + Feel in control of my life - for the first time ever
                            + Feel pretty - for the first time ever
                            + Sleep 7-8 hours a night almost every night; it's getting to be a habit. I used to average 5 hours on week nights
                            + Feeling in control of my eating and my weight has given me the courage to get control in other areas of my life, too - like applying for a new position at work (which I got) and pushing hard for a promotion from that position (which I'll probably get really soon). And like getting my student loan debt in order, and straightening out my credit situation.
                            + Sense of hope for the future - Before primal/paleo, I felt like my life was over; I was basically waiting to die. Now I see good things coming.
                            + Cut way down on prednisone I take for an autoimmune condition (only 5mg a day now!) and was able to cut out methotrexate completely
                            + Adopted coconut oil as a way of life =D I use it in food, to clean my face, to moisturize my hands, to condition my hair, and quite often I eat a few spoonfuls at night because I'm sort of obsessed by the texture (it's like an amazingly delicate truffle that's GOOD for you.)
                            + Spend a lot of time looking at myself and feeling proud instead of avoiding my reflection and feeling ugly
                            + Using the bathroom scale to keep myself honest rather than avoiding it in terror (My weight is REALLY reactive to carbs, particularly sugar; knowing my choices will show up on the scale instantly makes me make better choices, most days. It's water weight, but my knees don't know the difference)


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                              Great to read the how primal/paleo makes such a postive difference for people!

                              After 7 months:
                              - no more lower back pain
                              - sense of smell came back (after 2 days)
                              - more even energy
                              - better mood
                              - can now wear contact lenses again after 5 years of dry, itchy eyes
                              - lost 10kg
                              - clear sinuses
                              - happy tummy
                              - better gum health
                              - improved skin and strong nails
                              - more tolerant of the cold
                              - stopped dropping things all the time
                              - better sleep
                              - more able to concentrate
                              It's all good!